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Hey guys,

We thought we'd use this thread to post pictures of what we're building in the shop when we can show them. Unfortunately not all of the projects can be shown fully as some of them are private for clients.

We needed to replicate a custom 3" caster in 1/6th scale to act as support legs for a model we're building. The casters don't need to actually roll or spin, just support the weight of the model, so we cast them solid. We built the master from brass, molded it and cast a bunch of them in white metal.

Wood Metal Circle Jewellery Fashion accessory
Rectangle Wood Gas Font Brick
Wood Gas Metal Circle Font

The background is 1/2" squares on a cutting mat.

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Tire Grille Gas

We are pretty happy with how they turned out.

We needed to replicate a vintage shaft hanger for a project but didn't have greatest pictures of the original. We found some pictures of a similar one online and used it as a basic template for what we needed. We didn't copy the part directly from these picture as the hanger wasn't the same as the one we needed replicate, we just used it as inspiration for filling in the basic detailing on our 6th scale version that we couldn't see in the reference pictures.
Wood Sculpture Art Font Metal

And here's the final product, cast in white metal and assembled.
Engineering Symmetry Pattern Cutting mat Metal

It functions just like a full size one. The top cap bolts in place and you can adjust the shaft up and down by loosening and tightening the top and bottom screws.

The master for this model wasn't 3D printed, it was scratch built.
It's on the left in this picture, a resin test casting is in the middle and the final white metal version is on the right:
Green Gas Machine Technology Pattern

We'd appreciate any feedback you guys have

Clark and William
AI Customworks
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