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The World Needs Only One Solid Snake

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Excellent work!
here are a few picture of the later snake from 2007. some picture were not posted back then. enjoy :)

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Nice! U make the sculpt?
it was a moded re-sculpt head of the original Yamato head :)
The reason I'm posting these picture up again is because in 2009, I'll be making the last Solid snake and done with this whole project. Thank you all for the support from beginning til now. Thank you
I still think my favored head is the first one, beard and all.
This thread has inspired me to create a figure of my own. Well, I have started to make 2 figures actually - one being that of Snake from MGS2, which I haven't actually seen any of (I'm sure there are somewhere), and of that of his alter ego, Iroquois Pliskin. As I can recall, he does not wear a bandana while he is under the guise of Pliskin, so to remain faithful, it was not included in my figure of him. I decided to include the bandage on his left arm from the injury he sustains. They aren't quite done yet and are a bit scruffy but I thought I'd upload a few images to see what you think. I used a variety of old metal gear figures combined with new custom parts to come up with what I got. Snake has his iconic USP .45 from the tanker and a Famas, which was in the Beta version but for some stupid reason was removed from the final game! The Famas can be 'clipped' onto his back, a simple mechanism which isn't even noticeable. Pliskin has an M4A1 which he is seen with on the Plant chapter.

Solid Snake (MGS2 Ver.):

And some of Iroquois Pliskin:

As I said, there's still some work to do on them but I hope you like 'em. I may get some pictures of the final product if you like what you see.
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How did you modify the body armor when it's rubber? Awesome work.
41 - 52 of 52 Posts
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