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The Ultimate Party Game!

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Ok so you got a bunch of friends over for you kids birthday. They are all doing their things, playing, scream and creating general chaos. Well, what can you do while the mothers pay attention to the kids? Easy. Pull out Rock Band. If you got a Xbox 360 or PS, you have to get this game. The special edition comes with a mic, Fender Strat and a drum set. WAY TOO MUCH FUN! I spent last night beating away on the drum set. A group of us played for 4 hours. Comes with some really great songs.

I recommend this game.
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You can hate me some more Solid, I just went a bought a copy for myself.
my sister just got us guiter hero 3 and its massive amounts of fun. I really want rock band but I dont have a 360 yet
The hate for you is flowing right now HP... FLOWING!
We got Rock Band for PS3 a little while ago; overall, I'm pretty impressed.

The guitar's pretty low quality though, compared to the latest Gibson Guitar Hero ones. We had to redo the spring attached to the whammy bar after the end snapped off (this has happened with the guitars of others too). It's not like we rock like mad, either. The thing's just a cheaply-made peripheral. Makes 'em more money, I guess.

Unfortunately, thanks to Activision and EA/Harmonix going at it legally, we can't just use our Guitar Hero III controllers for Rock Band.
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