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The Searchers Ethan (Reworked)

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I know I just redid this guy this fall but after visiting the John Wayne's birthplace a couple weeks ago and seeing a great painting titled Ethan there. I had to pull mine back off the shelf.
So here is my first attempt at making a base and one of my favorite scenes from the movie and the basis for the painting.

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thats incredible. youve john wayne's harshest and most realistic/controversial character really well
Wow, outstanding Hondo!! He looks great and the base and pose superb, right out of the movie!! My Ethan is nearly done and ill post him as soon as i get my rifle.
Great work!! :thumb
Great figure!!! One of John Wayne's best characters.

To quote Ethan - " I don't believe in surrenders!"

Good job Hondo!
Wow! Awesome figure from a great movie.
Nice bit of storytelling you've done there, hondo.
Hondo, great concept! The doll really adds a lot to this scene. The chaps are very nice...did you make those?
Thanks everyone.
tolleyo I made the chaps. You see them or a pair similar in several of John Waynes movies.
I like that one part when he yells, "Do you want me to draw a picture?"
Jimmy, your stuff just gets better and better. This piece should be in a Museum. Magnificent!
You've really got an eye for these western characters,

Another cracking piece.

That is a cool bash. His reaction to seeing the doll is posed very well.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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