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On this day, one-hundred and fifty-four years ago, in a small, little known place in Mexico, an under-strength company of French Foreign Legionnaires fought a Mexican force of over three thousand, for ten hours. Only a few of the Company survived, as they had all sworn to their commanding officer, that they would fight to the end.

This day is celebrated every year, by the Legion, and no doubt will be as long as there is one Legionnaire.

Call it Camerone, or Camarón, many good men died on both sides that day, and Danjou's men became legend.

A small memorial there has these words:

Ils furent ici moins de soixante
Opposés a toute une armée
Sa masse les écrasa
La vie plutôt que le courage
Abandonna ces soldats Français
Le 30 Avril 1863
A leur mémoire la patrie éleva ce monument

"Here there were less than sixty
opposed to a whole army.
Its numbers crushed them.
Life rather than courage
abandoned these French soldiers
on April 30, 1863.
In their memory, the motherland has erected this monument"


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Vive la mort, vive la guerre, vive la Légion Etrangère!

And here's the sacred relic of the Legion. Captain Jean Danjou's wooden hand, recovered from the scene of the battle.

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