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The Poppies voting has has People's Picks voting!

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Hey folks - no top ten list this week...instead the People's Picks ballot is now LIVE! It's that time, time to vote! This is the same ballot being used by the Poppies Judges, and it's always interesting to see how the results compare. It's a very easy process. Simply go to the link below and run through the ballot entries. Each nominee has a link to remind you (or introduce you) on that item, and you can abstain from any category you'd like with the last radio button. The last step is to enter your email and hit the Vote button! If you have any questions at all, please drop me an email. Thanks for your participation!

A couple notes: if you are using a mobile device, pay extra attention to the radio button for each choice. Normally the text is to the right of the proper button, but if it gets scrunched up on a smaller screen, sometimes the text drops below the radio button. You'll see what I mean.

I moved entering the email to the last step because of mobile devices as well. If you type in your email, then hit 'go' rather than 'done', you submit your ballot. That would be an easy mistake to make if it was at the start, but since it's the last thing, it won't cause an issue.

Also, please share wide and far. The more readers that vote, the better the results. And you want your favorites to win, right?

People's Picks Ballot
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