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with the movie... whats your insight about it... from gears, decision on the mission and what are the few things that you find its not accurate...

thanks guys!
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I watched this by myself about 2 weeks ago and enjoyed it greatly. Tonight I watched the movie with my wife. During the first few moments of combat up to the first fall over the cliff, my wife was having a hard time watching it. She had even almost decided to stop watching the movie. It was really that intense for her as she had connected with the story. After the movie I was discussing the real life events and interviews with Marcus and family members of the fallen. I was getting choked up discussing this with her. After my years of service and various tours I sometimes get emotional about such things. I still can not watch a military funeral wether it is real or in a movie. I usually lose it once the flag is presented to the loved one. Just can't do it. During our discussion neither my wife nor I could fathom those in the US that spit on and look down upon any soldier after so few have given so much for the many. How can anyone not look upon people such as Marcus Luttrel and his team mates and not see a hero?
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