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Having watched the film two weeks back I would agree the end of the story seemed a little rushed....I haven't read the book yet but I certainly shall as soon as I can get myself a copy.
There may well have been moments while Mr Luttrell was writing the story that he had to guess the timing & actions of events during the action ,not only his own but the other members as well....I would accept that as being normal considering the situation....heat of battle etc.
I did find it shocking to say the least that in this high tech age the support and comms was so for the goat herders....if I were in the same position....I think I would have taken the most ablest one along as insurance and explain carefully to the other two that if the Taliban suddenly appeared they would be short one goat herder in the near future but he would be free to go once extracted....but....they probably had very good reason not to take any as I'm sure they would have thought through every scenario available to them.
Overall the story conveyed the true heroism of all the team not just the one & the bravery of the Afghans who protected Mr Luttrell from the Taliban which shows not all Afghans are under Taliban influence, I wonder what will happen to those Afghans once coaltion forces have left ?.

Which model helmet were they wearing or not as the case may be ?

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