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The Last Prayer... ^L^

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The Last Prayer...
by zuno...


Head Sculpt: Dragon/Customizing/Weathering
Chaplain Scarf, Bible, Necklace: Customized by Mighty/Weathering
Body: DID
Hands: DID/Weathering
Boots: DID/Weathering
Base: Custom Building


Hi All,
I just finished another my "The Last" series.

You can also see my building and repainting processes on my website.

I hope you like it.

Zuno... ^L^
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Woaw. You've been showing us some great Korean masters but your work deserves a place among them! Very nice!
That is fantastic,

You definitely belong among the great talent you've been introducing. He is outstanding.

That head sculpt is the best I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!
unbelivable attention to detail really really great work
AWESOME! Outstanding work!
Another MASTERPIECE!!! Awesome work as always!
A beautiful inspirational work.
Beautiful work! I always wanted to see a fig. with his eyes closed.

Very nice job!

GREAT work!
That is a really nice job. The job you did by making the eyes closed is perfect.
An outstanding figure on a very powerful and touching subject.
I can't say thank you enough.

I've posted the HS before the tears drop.


After... but before the tears drop:

You can also see my HS repainting process on my website.

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you are a TRUE Jedi Master!!

seriously beautiful!!
1 - 20 of 75 Posts
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