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The Last Pianist
WWII German Wehrmacht Hauptmann Wilm Hosenfeld...
Customized by Zuno


Head: DML/Repainted
Body: DML/Repainted
Cap: DML/Weathered
Tunic: DID/Customized
Coat: DID/Weathered
Loose: DML,ToysCity/Customized
Pants: DML/Weathered
Boots: NL/Weathered
Piano: Gloria/Customized
Chair: Unknown/Weathered
Can: Zuno/Self-Built
Vignette Base: Zuno/Self-Built


Hi All,

I've finished a Vignette for WWII German Wehrmacht Hauptmann Wilm Hosenfeld in THE PIANIST (2002).

You can also see my building process of the Vignette Base, piano and head at my website.

... zuno... ^L^

Mandoll withdrawl
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Wow, excellent craftsmanship. The juxtaposition of the two elements speaks volumes.

What are the walls/base ruins made from?
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