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The Last Game
1/6th Customized by Zuno

Head Sculpt: Tony Barton/Painting
Body: Whos Soldier/Repainting
Hat: Dragon/Weathering
Outfits: Dragon/Weathering
Socks: BBI/Weathering
Table: Dragon/Weathering
Weapons: Dragon/Weathering
Boots: Dragon/Weathering
Buckets: Unkown/Weathering
Flotation Ring: Dragon/Weathering
Chess: Unkown/Weathering
Candlestick: Unkown/Weathering
Chair: Custom by zuno
Base: Custom by zuno


The Last Game

The chess friend didn't come back from the battlefield...
The last game to finish alone in the end.

by zuno... ^L^


Hi All,
I just finished another my 'The Last... ' series, 'The Last Game'.
I hope you like it.

zuno... ^L^

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I find all your 'Last' series very fantastically done. Love every last bash you are coming up with. Wait..... that sounded wrong not "last" bash but the next bash. Hehehe

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Zuno, you never fail to impress! Your work is getting stronger and stronger with the story telling and I think this is your style of expression. Superb implementation with all the amazing details. I like the lifestyle things like something subtle as a hanging uniform and muddy boots. Another choice of KOTM next round.
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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