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The Joker - Tribute to Heath Ledger

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Watched TDK again in IMAX... mind blowing, gotta try my best to sculpt my version of Heath Ledger, a sad version, contrast to HT's wicked version...
Tribute to Ledger, a great actor, who took Joker to another level, RIP.

Probably one of my fav. act, Joker in the Cell

And definitely the best scene, Joker & Batmen in the interogation rm

Fm scratch to painted
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well done calvin.I like the scene in the hospital too where The joker dress differently( spoliers I hope)
Sweeeet , outstanding work ther Calvin ... this has to be your best HS . saw the movie for the 1st time yesterday Heath's portrayal of the Joker was soo spot on . Again great job :thumb
Stunning work Calvin. You never cease to impress with every figure you post and share.
Calvin once again awesome work you my friend are a true artist.
Cal, you are nothing short of pure genius my friend!! Just incredible man, awesome and a great tribute. Great work as always bro :thumb
great custom...greatest villain on screen of all time...great tribute.
You did it! The best HS sculpting of yours so far! I have yet to seen TDK (Japan is slow) but I can tell a bit from the dio scenes you put up. Nice work buddy! This has an expression!
I love the reenactment of the interrogation scene. BAD-ASS. Btw, great Joker.
amazing work there dude...and nice diorama pics! great interpretation of the joker!

well done very nicely detail just like the hot toy joker i love it
wow thats awesome, great tribute to him, and fantastic figure. :D
Thank you all!!!
I owe this to the Movie, Chris Nolan & David Goyer's collaboration plus Ledger's performance made this the best Batman flick ever, and inspired me to bash them again and again!
Hope you all have enjoyed my Batman Rush of late as much as the movie itself... gonna watch it the third time soon!
And should receive my HT versions soon...
WOW just wow..I love it calvin

top notch photos.

Simply awesome
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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