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Sorry for my English.

This figure represents an officer of the Queen's OWN Highlanders (Seaforth & Camerons) (Reference: )

I have always commented that the reason for making modern British is because I like as regiments have managed to preserve their traditions of years, with its characteristic elements. In this case some of those elements are the kilt, sporran, glengarry, the sword Basket-Hilt,...

The figure:
DID: nude (modified and painted legs), gloves, shoes, gaiters(painted and modified to fit better), socks (with red ribbons), kilt (modified the tartan)
The head is a sculptor from Hong Kong named Mayling Chan. I have painted.
The glengarry is custom (purchased on eBay), Tony Barton badge, tie and hackle custom.
The belts and straps are custom. They are of leather. The buckle is custom (tin, wire, putty and a modified badge Tony Barton)
The badge chest is made with several badges and tin. Medal with a badge of Tony Barton modified.
The red ribbon crusade, DML.
The Sporran is also custom (a doll hair, tin, velvet, wire, chains ...)
The Basket Hilt: It's made on a sword DID. The area fist is made of tin, wire, cloth and putty. The merged with putty and wire.
The jacket. It was the most complicated, first find a material whose color was the closest thing to green "Arché," then the realization of the jacket made by my mother. Once I made it I added buttons, patches of the neck (I had done a colleague on behalf of another forum, Unforgiven5150) and the sleeve (ITPT). The shoulder is made with three intertwined threads and buttons bearing ITPT brooches and Tony Barton.

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Man I love those Boots these Cats are wearing.. Supa Cool.. I got to get me a pair.Put a military Spit shine on the toe. Ya know " the Glass toe" and Rock'em with my 501's Those white Spats are smokin... Oh ! The Bash is how do you say in the UK..? ? " Smashing "

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A superb and beautifully done figure. We all know Mayling Chan as Ada Chan here and her work is much appreciated, she is a marvelous sculptor. You've done really fine work a compliment to the Regiment you honor. You're very lucky to have a mom who is such a skilled seamstress, the jacket looks professionally done!
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