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The Guardians: Chapter 5

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The story continues HERE.
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LOL, now that was a surprise at the end. :p Sweet work as always, Hylton. I shall look forward to the exciting conclusion. :D
Excellent picture story! Amazing effort and talent!
Gaiagear, I am thankful for your praise, bro.

mgbb, I am honored sir. Thanks.

saw249man, thanks for taking the time to post.
I almost missed this thread. Wow, what a secret in the basement. And I love the tp thought balloon. Great stuff.
Wow, what an exciting story. Love it!

- Ian
I like it!! Look forward to next chapter.
What the ... !
That is a surprise twist at this point in the story! Luvv the fun photoshop effects - very good comic-strip results :thumb :thumb
Great stuff!! Lots of fun! Love the special effects, that "TP" thought balloon...LOL!

Hey Hollowpoint, I am glad you caught it. Thanks a lot.

Thank you, Emergency Ian. Much appreciated.

Thanks grizzerr. Yer making me :D.

Hiya romedome, thanks for the photoshop boost.

Sixth Scale, thanks so much for posting and letting me know.
Jiminy Christmas, that satchel charge did a helluva job!
So now they know the secret! Another outstanding episode in the story! :thumb :thumb
I've been working on a couple photo review projects and just came up for air. Nice to come back here and see your post, Broadsword 6. Thanks.

Really appreciate you noticing, uramegak. Thank you.
Always a pleasure:) Nice job - did you airbrush out the wrist joints in the last pic on page one? Incredible story and presentation.
Thank you, Sir Eaton Flipflop. Yes, masterknifemaker, I did photoshop the wrist.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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