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So I got permission from the moderators to open the raffle - better late than never. However, I intend to stick to the time limit even if it has become a little narrower. On to the raffle rules!

This is the raffle for a brand new Hot Toys Captain America Stealth Suit:


1. If you want to participate in the raffle, pay $5 to my paypal at [email protected] and in the payment, state your user name here on OSW in the special instructions box on paypal. Please do note here as well if you want to participate in the raffle so I know to check any submissions.

2. Several accounts are allowed, but only one submission per user name.

3. On July 1, the raffle will close and I will put all names of the participants in a jar and draw a winner.

4. The winner will be announced here and on the information thread you most likely come from in the main area of OSW. The winner will be obliged to pay another $30 to the same paypal account to cover my expenses for shipping, and will also need to PM me name and adress.

5. All money will be donated to Doctors Without Borders, including any excess from the shipping costs. I won't make a dime from this.

To spell it out: if you win, you will get a $219+ action figure for the price of $35, with everything going for a good cause.

The raffle is now OPEN!

Say what?
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I'm in.

Don't be shy, folks. Step on up...Warge did.
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