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Special/visual effects supervisor Douglas Trumbull certainly had some impressive work under his belt when he did Blade Runner. Prior to Blade Runner, he worked as a special effects supervisor on a plethora of groundbreaking SciFi films: 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Andromeda Strain, Close Encounters, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and also Silent Running, which he also produced and directed.

He was nominated for Academy Awards for Blade Runner, Close Encounters and Star Trek, but never won. He did take home a golden statuette in 1993 for his technical contributions with an Oscar for Scientific and Engineering Concept.

Blade Runner lost to ET, Star Trek to Alien and Close Encounters to a little film called Star Wars.

Blade Runner was his crowning achievement in special/visual effects and his last film as a special effects supervisor. He went on to direct some shorts and an IMAX experience film based on Back to the Future.
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