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GrenadierStinny said:
Actualy-- not sweet.

When the SW figures first came out, they were around 55 bucks. If one came with A LOT of stuff, Sideshow charged a little more. Understandable.

But, then, Bespin Han was 65 bucks....???!

And now Luke is 70 bucks!!!??!??! WTF!!!!???!!!!!1111

Same with the upcoming Frodo and Samwise. 70 bucks?? Really?

Man, Hot Toys is really opening up the market for some high prices. Only problem is: Hot Toys' stuff is actually freaking 1000000% SWEEET, whereas SS's stuff is..... well, a gamble. And usually closer looking to the actor's stunt doubles that the actors themselves. And how about ditching those plastic boots??

I don't know... As a collector, I ain't happy about this trend. I mean, the figures are really nice, but they ain't 70 bucks nice. And if you're going to start charging 70+ dollars for this stuff Sideshow-- you better get that freakin' QC down right. That Bespin Han sculpt came out like s**t.

As an Admin, I hate to start a bitch thread, but I'm still a collector first, so... Anyway, bitch over.
Agreed %100.
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