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Hi guys! Posted is a reproduction of the sniping scene from the movie American Sniper, where Chris Kyle was providing sniper cover for the Marine ground forces.
Sky Cloud Military camouflage Military uniform Squad
Building Composite material Urban design Pollution Event
Military camouflage Textile Rectangle Art Wood
Textile Military camouflage Wood Art Sculpture
Wood Gas Machine Roof Soldier
Camouflage Squad Military camouflage Marines Military uniform
Military camouflage Camouflage Marines Military person Helmet
Camouflage Military camouflage Military uniform Automotive tire Military person
Wood Wall Gas Flooring Art
Wood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Gas Automotive wheel system
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Wood Gas Auto part

Highlights of the making process
Font Mesh Circle Pattern Gas
Handheld power drill Finger Pneumatic tool Tool Nail
Rectangle Cone Office supplies Writing implement Triangle
Light Rectangle Flooring Composite material Font
Creative arts Wood Art Fashion accessory Electric blue
Rectangle Font Gas Toy Circuit component
Rectangle Paint Wood Floor Flooring
Hand Gesture Glove Finger Thumb


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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