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"The Cobra contractor" ~ Firefly The Faceless Master (New content added)

Ok just two pix for now, yours truly have been inundated with 1/1 work junk. Parts loadout and more pix tomorrow I hope. Suffix to say the crave for rolling out some more RAH has been too hard to resist. First up the Faceless Master Firefly.

As always please do enjoy this quick one. :thumb

In the nutshell
• Head - Repainted 21C SWAT Team Member
• Body - BS Bravo
• Costume - Medicom GSG9 + BBI SAS; with hand painted camo pattern
• Vest - Intoys with modified HT SEALS VBSS vackpack
• Assorted web belt pouxhes - Modified/repainted DML, HT pieces
• Drop down holster - Modified Medicom + HT
• Gloves - Dr. Figures
• Wrist PDA - Custom
• Boots - Wish I knew
• Kneepads - TS(Thanks for the pointer Holiday! :D)
• M.A.R.S. carbine - DML OICW carbine component + styrene + HT. BBI, TS pieces

M.A.R.S. Carbine

BDA(Battlefield Digital Assistant): To communicate with Cobra HQ, call in Cobra UCAV airstrikes, launch network viruses to name a few. Contact M.A.R.S. sales department for catalog.

Battlefield Tactical Neutronic Device. Max blast radius: 675m. Min blast radius: 2m


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Very well done and it captures the character and image perfectly. I do love to see these RAH bashes, I just wish Hasbro would check the site and take some pointers.

He looks like he has shattered his left ankle though, ouch.

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Awesome firefly Leo, always a pleasure to see your work.

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Wah LEO. Another great masterpiece.

Two pics enough to drool over for a long time. I've always admire how you pose your figures. Simply flowing as a human form too realistic.:bravo
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