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The Biggest Brother

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Over Christmas and New Years I have to pack up my "work area" to make room for the seasonal festivities. The hazards of owning a very small house! Well with some time on my hands and having some serious 1/6th withdrawal nipping at my heals I usually do the only thing I can which is to catch up on some reading. I picked up Maj. Dick Winters biography "The Biggest Brother" some time ago and had kind of read a little here and there, so I decided to really read the book. The book really is a rehash of both the series from HBO and the book "Band of Brothers". It does however cover some interesting sidelines like his life before and after the war. One interesting note, there is a passage in the book that covers Winters being contacted by Cpt. Soebel's daughter. This happens after the HBO series aired and how she was upset about how her father was portrayed. To the good Major's credit he was polite to her but he really does dismiss her complaints completely.

This figure is based on the first photo taken of Cpt. Winters in Holland in late 1944.

This is a Dragon neo body.

The body has been modified significantly. It has been slimmed and the joints opened up for more articulation.

The head is #492 Dan Sommers.

I stripped and repainted the head with oils, the eyes were done with acrylics and oils.

The uniform and all of the gear is Dragon, from various releases.

I weathered the figure with acrylics and pastels.

The boots are from Newlineminitures. I weathered them with acrylic paint and pastels.

The rank insignia is from Lion Roar, sleeve insignia is from CVI.

Comments and corrections always welcomed

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:wideyes WOW! :wideyes

This is a great bash! I luv it. :devilhnd :devilhnd
Great Maj winters, HDHSVI! I was wondering when someone was going to do an 1/6 portrayal of the real Major winters.
What a brilliant tribute to Major Richard Winters, the "Biggest Brother!"

Great choice of head sculpts, by the way!

- Ian
Very very well done! I've read the same books.

I'd give him an M1 Garand. One of the things I remember from the book was him saying he kept his Garande with him throughout the war.

very cool:thumb
Hankster, what a great eye. It never occurred to me that the Dan Summers sculpt looked like or was fashioned after the real Dick Winters!!!! Winters/Summers... I should have known.

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Fantastic work of one heck of a soldier :thumb
Many people choose to use the movie Winter HS, but IMO the one you have used is much better, as it really resembles the real Winters! Great work! :thumb
Anyone know where to pick up that sculpt-would be perfect for my young Alan Quatermain fig.


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Internet really is a sick place. Enter Dick Winters in google images and see which pic you get before the actual person.
I had no idea Summers was Winters...
I chuckle at that last statement whenever I see it doomhammer :)

Great work HDHSVI. Love the weathering and the terrific job of portraying the real biggest brother.
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