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This is a Dragon neo body.

The body has been modified significantly. It has been slimmed and the joints opened up for more articulation.

The head is #552 from the Character Head Set #5. Some say the head is supposed to be #522 Jupp Bauer.

I stripped and repainted the head with oils, the eyes were done with acrylics.

The uniform and the gear is Dragon.

I weathered the figure with acrylics and pastels.

The helmet is from DID. I removed a decal and repainted it. It was weathered using oils, acrylics, and pastels.

The boots are from Newline Minitures.

All Insignia is from CVI.

The base is a rework of the dragon base supplied with Garret White.

Comments and corrections always welcomed!


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Fantastic job on the figure, nice to see the Big Red One, and as a BAR gunner too :thumb Love that Jupp hs and u did a great job repainting him, looks awesome :thumb great work!

Divine Intervention!
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I had this project casted aside for over a year. Always wanted to do a Lee Marvin in the film "The Big Red One". Looks like I'll get it moving again.
Good looking bash you got :thumb
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