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Ok, here are my answers. Where I can only think of one answer for that category, I've given only that answer I'm afraid.

Best 1:6 company 2013
1. Soldier Story
2. DAM
3. ART Figures

Best 1:6 line 2013
Hot Toys - Dark Knight

Best 1:6 scale figure 2013
1. Hot Toys DX-13 T800 BD - I don't own one, but it looks AMAZING.
2. Iron Man Mk7 - in my opinion if you can only buy one IM figure, make it this one.
3. Soldier Story HRT / CIRG (counting as one figure, they're pretty much the same thing!)

Best 1:6 accessories/clothing Set 2013
Magic Cube Toys are really putting out some excellent stuff I feel.
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