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Well, according to my wife I bought a ton of stuff this year, to the tune of $2600. Although i only bought 3 boxed figures...the rest parts...

So here are my picks and reasons for them...

Best 1:6 company
1. DID
2. Hot Toys
3. DAM
4. OE (Original Effect)
5. Flirty Girl Collectables (FGC)
6. Dragon - for there Tanks and vehicle line

DID was simply the best this year, because they put out some fantastic stuff at reasonable prices, WWI, WWII, Gangsters, MI6 agent etc etc, the list of high quality figures this year goes on and on.

Best 1:6 line
1. Hot Toys Avengers
2. DAM Spade series
3. OE-original Effect
4. ACI Gladiators

Hard for me as I don't do lines of figures unless you say WWII Canadians are a line?:nanana OE surprised me this year with so many different figures in a short amount of time with a unique style all their own.

Best 1:6 scale figure
1. DID Churchill
2. DID Gangster
3. DID MI6 Agent
4. DAM Spade series-any one of them
5. Phicen - Nina

Again a very hard choice as I only bought 3 boxed sets. DID Churchill, DID MI6 Agent, VTS Zombie Killer. I chose DID figures simply becasue of : cost, quality and variation.

Best 1:6 accessories/clothing set
1. Flirty girl clothing/accessories sets
2. Magic Cube-female clothing sets
3. SMcG Custom sets

I bought a handful of these types of sets this year and was surprised at the high level of quality, fit and variation offered by these newer groups. Although SMcg is not really a company making sets, Chad's influence with Phicen and FGC shows he knows what the public wants.

2013 was an interesting year with many newer companies showing up, offering one or two items and then disappearing. My personal though is that they were all associated with one or more of the main players and were testing the waters so to speak to see what sales (of that particular product or style) would be.

2013 was a good year for 1/6 in general. We had more choices, more variety in items (WWI, WWII, Korea, Gangsters, Gladiators etc etc) then ever before and if you stayed away from Hot Toys, MOST were reasonable to buy.

Disappointments for me this year were:
The complete lack of interchangeability of body parts for most main stream bodies.
DAM Bodies - all the ones I bought loose had very loose joints.
DID's new all Era body uses a proprietary neck ball size (which is smaller then most) so most other neck joint adapters will not work with it.
Soldier Story uses a ball post size that won't fit Hot Toys or knock off heads,
HT and other heads sitting too low or too high on bodies etc
Feet pegs
Hand pegs
Skin color for most female heads and bodies..:doh :bag you need a score card to figure that out...

With all of that you pretty much need a chart to figure out what fits what. (OSW tried and is trying to do that, see sticky thread)

Now most of this you can fix with a little work, but won't it be nice if all the manufactures played nice and got together and made it all work together...:popcorn

Anyway, it was a great year...I can't wait to see what 2014 has for us...

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OK, just a friendly notice to all members to keep this one on track, if you want to reply to this thread, fill in the template provided and keep the debate outside of this forum or if you really have to voice your opinion, do it though the PM system.

This has been a public service announcement from your local OSW administrators.

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There was some real interesting choices in there, especially the sideshow collectables one, not on my radar at all.

I do agree with some although I think DID as a whole should have been #1 as top company but that is my opinion...:applause

Thanks for doing this...:thumb
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