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In My opinion:

Best 1:6 company
1. DAM
2. Soldier Story
3. Hot Toys

Best 1:6 line
1. Hot Toys Ironman
2. Hot Toys Terminator
3. DAM Tears of the sun

Best 1:6 scale figure
1. Soldier Story FBI HRT
2. Hot Toys Coulson
3. Hot Toys Battle Damaged T800

Best 1:6 accessories/clothing set
1. Very Hot Toys CCT
2. Very Hot Toys US army
3. Very Hot Toys S.W.A.T 2.0

(All Very Hot Toys sets have come a long long way over the past year, even if most of their stuff are clones, they are cheap and reasonable prices, and they have done some items that no one else has produced!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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