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And here we go, continue to be dragged back into Joe universe. It was supposed to be a two day quick methadone project to alleviate the craving for plastic crack, but dragged on for more than a week. Worse, supposed to be a cyborg or something like that, but unwittingly peeling off Cobra logos from the sticker sheet and turned him into a Cobra assassin. :p

The overall concept called for a Cobra assassin that was on par with Snake Eyes in terms of skill and abilities. Since in the plot Destro created him using borrowed tech from advance B.A.T. program, Black Mamba's facial features still show hints of a lineage from the B.A.T. drones. I also written a companion backstory for the character. I kept adding & twisting the plot, so there is a good chance it might be contradicting at several points. In any case, I tried to clean it up to as much as possible. Hopefully it still makes any sense. Case in point, don't write something complex that you simply couldn't handle. :doh

Cobra Black Mamba, known as Maxim Semukiri in his human form, was once a Manchurian-Russian lieutenant of the Kamchatka Syndicate crime group. He actively participated in Vladivostok's brutal underground bloodsport circle. Soon his prolific scorecard was noticed by the syndicate's enforcers and was recruited into the crime group as its cannon fodder. Maxim soon raised from the bottom of the ranks to the inner circle of the group, responsible for its international weapon smuggling operations. His dealings with Cobra Commander started from many of their arms smuggling operations. At one point the Commander was ready to expand Cobra's influence to East Asia, eventually annexing China and South East Asia. In need of skilled operatives to run secret bases in the region on his behalf, he approached Maxim for the job. The Syndicate like many crime groups, never allows its members to leave the organization once joined up. However Maxim was planning to jump ship because the Syndicate was about to be taken over by rival crime groups such as St. Petersburg Cabal. Cobra Commander saw this as an opportunity of the lifetime, so he simply staged a fake assassination on Maxim, and secretly brought him on board.

With the help of collaborators from Kamchatka & Siberia Oblasts, Cobra Commander set up an underground research facility at the uninhabited Urup island of the Kuril archipelago. Maxim, resurfaced as Commander Kutkh(Raven spirit of the Russian Far East), was put in charge of the facility. His activities remained undetected for quite some time until one of his operatives was captured alive at Nagoya by GI Joe operatives Budo & Jinx. Information extracted from interrogations was passed on to General Colton. Colton's attempts to flush out the Cobras have finally pinpointed the location of the base. Reconnaissance not only confirmed the presence of Kutkh, but also Destro who was there to deliver 3rd Gen B.A.T. drones. U.S.S. Flagg battle group on maneuvers near Aleutian chain was ordered to sail towards the international waters south of Kuril Island chain at full speed.

Flint, along with Snake Eyes, Stalker, Scarlett, Heavy Duty infiltrated the base with stealth midget submersible. The firefight soon erupted inside the base deep underground. Flint & his team were pinned down by the B.A.T. drones and Alley Vipers near the central reactor core. Snakes Eyes tried to break through but was met with fierce attack from Kutkh.

Monitored from his headquarters in North America, Cobra Commander knew his base would fall into the hands of Colton's operatives, so he remotely triggered a double whammer self-destruct mechanisms: reactor meltdown, followed by detonation of a three megatons nuclear device planted in the dormant volcano. Flint and Heavy Duty managed to repel the attacks and let rest of the team to look for the bomb. Scarlett & Stalker managed to locate & disarm the bomb but unable to prevent the reactor meltdown. Flint had no choice but to order an evacuation. The team barely escaped from the massive explosion of the base. Snake Eyes was the last one to escape as he was entangled by Kutkh until the last moment.

Kutkh suffered extensive fourth degree burn from the explosion but conscious, crawled to the boarding ramp of Destro's escape shuttle as Destro was about to depart. Felt betrayed by the Cobra Commander, he begged the M.A.R.S. kingpin to take him on board. Destro asked what did he want since he's a charred soul anyway. Kutkh's reply was simple enough: " I'll do anything for you, I don't care if you turn me into a monster or anything, just let me have the chance one day to take my revenge to Cobra Commander."

Destro thought Kutkh would be a good candidate for his advance B.A.T. Stage IV program and a lethal tool to undermine Cobra Commander's interests whenever deem appropriate; answered in his emotionless tone:"Whatever that's left of you belong to me from now on".

Destro met up with Cobra Commander months after the event for the usual weapon transfer business. Unlike previous exchanges, he brought along a new machine assassin to offer its the bidding for the Cobra. The assassin had a name that was so appropriate with Cobra's image: Black Mamba. Every component in his Shinobu style armour shell was artificial, all except the brain. A brain that belonged to someone in the past; someone that had risen from the ashes of death; someone who's bend on to engage an ultimate duel with his greatest adversary: Snake Eyes; someone not only vowed to take out every G.I Joe Operative that stands in his way, but also quietly waiting for the right moment to snap the necks of the ones who had so conveniently betrayed him.

Blue stain on the lower left corner of his armour was caused by leaked ionized hydraulic plasma. The leak was the only physical battle damage inflicted by Snake Eyes over their countless encounters. The damage is minimal as the armour has self-sealing memory properties. However the psychological impact on Black mamba was tremendous as he still carried the memory & thought of kutkh, a proud individual who would return the favor to his opponents one way or another.

The Mamba carbine......

The duel that will happen one way or another.......

WIP & what I have been meddling with......

•Head: DML head with reworked 21C balaclava & custom junk parts.
•Body: HT TT
•Outfit/Tabi/sword/sheath: HT Goemon Saizo Kirigakure
•Sheath back mount: custom
•Backup dagger sheaths & 1911 holsters: custom
•Buttpack: repainted & restrapped WW2 German waist pack
•Forearm dagger gauntlets: custom
•Arm armour cover: Saizo Kirigakure piece with new straps & buckles
• Knee pads: Dremeled DML footballer shoulder pads
•Chest armour: Stage 1 - reworked 21C body armour. Stage 2 - modified from DML camelbak backing.
•Primary sidearm holster: Reworked HT SAS holster with new straps
•Mamba Carbine: Custom with pieces from 21C M4 & MP5K

Dagger gauntlet is modified from en unknown waist dagger belt. Original piece is a molded belt with six sheaths. I cut away all six of them and restrapped them with aftermarket straps & buckles.

HT's Tabi is made with very soft vinyl which allows good ankle articulation, but the drawback is weak support. Quick remedy to reinforce the support is using those DML sole piece. Cut to desire size and insert into the Tabi.

I think the drop down was from HT with missing straps. I restrapped it with aftermarket straps & buckles and added an additional thigh strap on it.

WIP of the Mamba carbine. If I attach the MP5K handguard directly to the M4, it would look incredibly awkward coz the barrel and ejector port were not align in a straight line. So I attached the handguard to a higher position and rebuilt a new upper top with apoxie. Now the ejector port & barrel are properly aligned.


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Long time not see your fantastic talent in action!!! I love all custom pieces you made for it, and the concept itself.

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As always, I am in awe of your ability to put together something so amazing so fast. This guy is pretty freaking awesome!

And suddenly, the idea I had in mind for the winter group bash looks a whole lot lamer, even taking it into account that I can't hand-make a lot for it or else it'll never get done. :)

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Thanks for checking him out fellas, and most importantly, took time to read the long winding backstory. :D

Ali....have been getting back to scifi modelling in the past few months, so seldom actively worked on any mandollie project until recently. But sniffing on another form of plastic crack was just wonderful. :D

Gunm, Greg, AFM......scratching was relatively straight forward, but posing & write-up nearly had my brain exploded. :p Learned some from trail & error, hopefully next one I can do better.

Mike....that carbine's parts were salvaged from discarded 21C parts. Glad that I recycled every one of them.

Snowblood...Awesome. Good to know you are working on cyborg project as well, with a Tokusatsu theme to boot.

Joe......heh heh I always find some sort of excuse to jump back into the genre.

Doug....took me a while to sort out the project. Not I would expect at the end, but a nice twist from the original nonetheless.

Steve....thanks man, much appreciated. :D put it another way, I simply have too much time in hands. :p In any case, do work on the winter group bash man. Don't let anything stops you. :D

Wisesky.....LMAO!! Good one sir. :rolling

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Gerald, Jello, Jesse, Rollo, John & Uramegak .....thanks for the feedbacks fellas!!! Much appreciated. :D

Rollo....totally, those Tabi boots are pretty sweet.

John....wish I could take the credit on the arm guards, they were from Saizo Kirigakure boxset, the mod I did was replacing the stock traditional thread with modern straps & buckles.
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