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[The 3rd] RANGER Squad...Sua Sponte. (A DML Ranger Phil HS redone)

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Hi all

Exams are over! Finished my third ranger. Might not really be accurate as I don't know about the suitability of the weapon and gear though.

so here he is...

With the First

A comparison photo. I didn't take a before shot of the HS so i had to source for it. Pic from actionfigure2002 website.

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Thank you so much.:)
Thank you all. Ray you're right more busy now than before the exams.

Have to look after 3 kids! No joke. I think it'll take a while before i complete all of the Rangers:(
wow looks supper cant wait to see the full nine and could you give us a painting tutorial on that camo face paint thanks john :D
Hi S.W.A.T, please check this thread
Really nicely done with the camo paints. Your weathering is fantastic. Really does some justice to the Rangers.
Thanks Tauued. Glad you like it.
Looking good bro!! :D
Thanks Leo, I have not hear from you in a lonnngggg time!:jump4joy
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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