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UPDATE! The judges have completed the nomination process and are now completing the final voting! As part of the ceremony, you can have a chance to win a big ole box of stuff, too.

Head on over to the site ( and you'll find the links for the Poppies Intro, Poppies Judges and new! the Poppies Nominations. You can see which figures/statues/etc. the judges nominated and are now choosing from, and you can enter your own guesses as to what will win. The readers that correctly guess the winners in the most categories will be entered in the drawing to win the box o' stuff.

Remember, you're not picking YOUR favorites, but rather the ones you THINK will win! The judges will complete their voting by January 11th, and on January 15th the winners will be announced, including the reader that won the contest. Good luck!

Feel free to let anyone and everyone know about the Poppies as well - this is going to be a regular yearly industry award event, and will continue to grow in both judges and categories as time goes on. Thanks!

Ah, but what the Hell are the Poppies? I have a lengthy intro here:

but in a nutshell, I thought it was time that the pop culture collectibles industry - action figures, statues, busts, etc. - had their own industry awards. Oh, plenty of individuals or sites pick their favorites for the year, but I wanted to start a cross industry contest, something similar to the Oscars or the Emmies, but for pop culture collectibles. The Poppies were born!

There are currently 91 judges, spread fairly evenly across five categories - Company reps, Artists, Collectors, Websites and Retailers. These judges come from around the world, companies large and small, and from every type of collectible. You can see a complete list of the judges here:

You'll definitely recognize many of the names. These judges are currently going through a nomination process, where they nominate their own favorites in one of ten categories - Best Company, Best Overall Line, Best 18" (and up) figure, Best 12" - 18" figure, Best Male figure under 12", Best Female Figure, Best Statue, Best Mini-Bust, Best Vinyl/Designer figure and Best Misc. Once the nomination process is complete (December 21st), I'll tally the results and the judges will vote on from the top ten in each category. Readers will be able to see the nominated figures, and there will be a contest for you to try to guess who will win in each category. The reader that guesses the most correctly will win a prize!

I'll keep folks appraised as the process continues, particularly once the nomination process is complete. Any questions or comments, just let me know!

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