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Happy Thanksgiving fellow 1:6ers...
The Mrs. and the kids decided to go to the grandparents for Thanksgiving weekend, so I decided this would be a good time to work on a few figs so the kids would not hear me cuss & yell trying to get boots and heads on and off...

Here are a few pics of my new "workshop", and the figs I will be working on this weekend.
I need to do quite a few repaints, undress, ranks & insignia, weathering, and its going to be a long busy weekend.

Here are the Germans I plan to work on this weekend...and spend Thanksgiving with... :nanana

Thanks for looking & Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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That is a nice and cozy man-bunker, and a LOT of German troops. I am intrigued by how you get by getting to play all Thanksgiving day.

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I am hear you Thaw; I have the house, football games on TV, and snacks to myself, and will devote quality and quiet time to organize my 1:6 figures and accessories. If I do not finish today, there is tomorrow and through the weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving!!
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