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Merry Christmas, everyone! Guarnere and I, with the cooperation of BlackOpsToys, have decided to put together a little Christmas gift for the community.
We're proud to announce a new Vietnam War contest running from December 26, 2016 until April 30, 2017.
We're looking for historically accurate kitbashes for the Vietnam War (1955-1975). What does that mean? Let's use Red Dragon's recent KOTM, "Hunter-Killer" as an example.

Red Dragon's "Hunter Killer".

Echo Company Recon Platoon, 3-7th Infantry, early 1970.

SGT Ralph "Butch" Sparks, Echo Recon 3-7, 1969 - 1970.

Red Dragon's "Hunter Killer". Note the subdued 199th Infantry Brigade patch on the left shoulder.

SGT Ralph "Butch" Sparks getting ready to go out from FSB Mace, 1970.

As you can see from the photos, Red Dragon used a historical U.S. Army unit as the basis for his figures. He kitbashed their gear in a manner they were similar to what they were wearing, gave them weapons that the real guys used, and camo'ed them up in a similar manner. That's all that historical accuracy is - making sure that you're using the right guns, the right gear, and the right uniform in the right way. Hollywood is all well and good, but I sure as hell wouldn't base a kitbash off of anything in John Wayne's "The Green Berets".

To enter, simply post a picture (or pictures) of your entry in this thread and the name of your piece. If you'd like to post a separate thread for your entry, feel free to create one. If you've got a photo reference to show what you based your piece on, you're encouraged to post it as well.

All entries will be listed in a separate thread in the order that they were received with a poll running for one week. At the end of the poll, the votes from the OSW community will be tallied up and the winners announced.

Entries that will be disallowed are:
-Works that would ordinarily be banned from OSW
-Works that have been posted online on or before December 26, 2016 that were: a) complete or b) substantially complete (2/3 done)
-Works that are judged grossly anachronistic or inaccurate by an impartial panel of Vietnam War kitbashers from the OSW community

And for the part you've been waiting for, the prizes:

First Prize:

BlackOpsToys has generously donated a mint-in-box ACE 101st Airborne Division Hamburger Hill figure, which will go to the overall winner.

Second Prize:

Guanere has put together a "SOG Recon" gear set for the first runner-up, suitable for running recon across the fence.

This kit consists of:
-1x SOG-modified "Over the Fence" Uniform
-1x M56 belt
-1x M56 suspenders
-9x M56 canteen covers
-2x Canteens
-28x M16 mags
-1x Knife
-1x Serum Albumin Can
-2x Carabiners
-1x XM177E2

Third Prize:

Guarnere has also assembled an "Infantry" gear set for the third-place finisher.

The kitlist includes:
-1x M1 Helmet
-1x M56 Web Belt
-1x M56 Suspenders
-2x M56 M16 Magazine Pouches
-2x M67 M16 Magazine Pouches
-2x M56 Canteen Covers & Canteens
-8x M16 Magazines
-1x Ammo Bandolier with 7x M16 Mags
-1x M56 "Butt" Pack
-1x M16

In addition to the above prizes, the top three will also receive a signed copy of J. S. Economos' outstanding Gentle Propositions. This thrilling novel about the Studies and Observation Group comes highly recommended by more SOG veterans than you can shake a stick at. It's also one of my favorite novels period.

We're also offering some special "surprise" prizes for the kitbashers who tackle the NVA and SOG. Guarnere and I will be personally selecting these winners from our own favorites among the entries. Prizes will include custom gear and pieces by Marcelo Fuentes.

Please free to post any questions either here, or send a PM to either Guarnere or myself.

Good luck to everyone who enters and we'll see you at the LZ.


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So that I can make this as I go along.
We may read of heroes
Or hear of demons
But the protected will never know
The lives they lost,OSW: One Sixth Warrior Forum
Those dead and those that remain,
Of blackest nights
And bloodied days
With the enemy all around.
They fought
They died
For freedom
For each other
In Vietnam.

SOG 1965-1972

Important Terms
1-0: The team leader.
1-1: Assistant team leader.
1-2: Radio operator. An optional position, always assigned to "the new guy."
Hatchet Force:
LBE: Load-bearing equipment.
MAC-V: Military Assistance Command - Vietnam. Commands all U.S. forces in Vietnam.
NVA: North Vietnamese Army.
SOG: Studies and Observation Group. Strategic recon asset used to infiltrate NVA sanctuaries in the DMZ, Laos, and Cambodia. Also used for a variety of other operations, including aircrew rescue and POW rescue.
RT: Recon team, the basic SOG team.

An Important Note
Due to the great deal of latitude afforded to SOG operators in preparing their equipment, the equipment loadouts and procedures of SOG teams varied widely from team to team and operator to operator. Individual operators could use equipment that did not fit the conventional "norms" of SOG. A few examples of this phenomenon included:
-Ed Wolcoff and John St. Martin of RT New York both eschewed rucksacks - the former used a butt-pack and a custom harness while the latter used a claymore bag cut in half.
- Nick Brokhausen favored an entrenching tool as his melee weapon of choice.
-Jerry "Mad Dog" Shiver was known to have run recon with nothing more than an array of revolvers and knives on at least one occasion.
The loadouts pictured and advice written covers the general procedures of SOG, but it is readily possible that an operator had practices that are completely the opposite of the guide. This is not an excuse for sloppy presentation, but merely a statement of fact acknowledging that there are exceptions, especially with a unit such as SOG.

Part One: Basic Kit:

SOG teams had a good deal of lee-way in choosing their uniforms, provided they were unmarked and untraceable to the U.S. The principal varieties were OG107's, spray-painted OG107's, NVA uniforms (captured or manufactured by CISO - SOG's "Q"-style workshop), and black OG107's. Early on, tiger-stripe uniforms were also used, but this was only at the very start of SOG's operations. ERDL's were also worn, but only at the very end of SOG's operations in country (Hardy and Tucker's SOG books do have pictures of operators using ERDL) and this was far from the norm.

OG107's, the principal combat uniform of U.S. troops, were the mostly widely worn uniform of SOG teams. Many OG107's had significant modifications, including the addition of pockets and even ammo bandoliers to provide operators with additional carrying capacity. Frequently, at least one pair of the front shirt pockets was detached and attached to the sleeves of the uniform, as can be seen in the case of DML Ken Borwa's uniform.
Many SOG teams also took to making their own camouflage with Krylon spray-paint. By spray-painting his uniform with streaks of black, an operator could make himself nearly invisible in dim lighting conditions and could break up the profile of his otherwise solid-green uniform. Some later teams further modified this practice by adding streaks of green spray-paint amongst the black, creating a rather striking new combination.

Black OG107's were OG107's that had been dyed black, either by the operators themselves or by CISO. These uniforms resembled Viet Cong uniforms at a distance or, as scuttlebutt had it, allowed a team to look like Russian advisers, who supposedly wore black when working with the NVA. An example of these uniforms can be found with DML Ron.

Lastly, some teams would use NVA dress to give teams the advantage of a few seconds' indecision when meeting an NVA unit face-to-face. Most RT's would dress only the pointman and perhaps the tail gunner this way,. However, some RT's, most notably RT West Virginia, would have a full team dressed up as NVA. Teams who used NVA uniforms did have to be careful though - NVA uniforms were colored differently in different areas. According to Nick Brokhausen (interview at, most teams would use NVA uniforms as a group only if they had good intel on the NVA forces in the area. Otherwise, any advantage that an NVA uniform could present would be negated by incorrect coloration. 21C made excellent, if over-sized NVA green uniforms, and DML Jack Sullivan khakis are a good stand-in for NVA khakis.

There was no standard LBE for an SOG team, but gear was laid out in the same manner (i.e. survival equipment would be in the same place on the LBE for all team members) so that teams could more easily and quickly use equipment from a dead or wounded comrade. Many operators would eschew ammo pouches, which could only hold four M16 magazines, in favor of canteen pouches, which could hold up to six. Ammo pouches did find a use holding some gear though, especially items that would be easily lost or not readily needed (such as survival gear or toe-popper mines.)
Generally, there were three main types of LBE's: BAR belts, M1956 LBE's, and M1967 LBE's.

BAR belts were a holdover from WWII, but were greatly valued for their magazine carrying capacity. A BAR belt could hold up to twenty-four 20-round magazines, with additional real-estate on the eyelets and the rear of the belt to hold canteen pouches, pistol holsters, and first aid pouches. Secured with a pair of M1956 H-suspenders, the BAR belt was a popular item for early recon teams. However, with the advent of the STABO harness, BAR belts fell by the way-side, superseded by M1956 and M1967 webgear, which was compatible with the STABO harness. However, some enterprising operators cut up their BAR belts to replace the belt with an M1956 web belt, creating a work-around that allowed operators to use both M1956/M1967 webgear and to make their LBE compatible with STABO.

M1956 webgear, the standard webgear of American forces in Vietnam, was also the standard choice of SOG operators. M1956 webgear was an acceptable choice for SOG operators at any point in the Vietnam War, from start to finish. Kits were frequently individualized, but generally operators arranged the pouches with ammunition to the front, survival gear and explosives at the hips, and additional ammo and canteens at the rear.

M1967 was used in the late-war period by some SOG operators, but it was encountered far less frequently than M1956 gear. Additionally, operators using M1967 webgear frequently M1956 pouches on their M1967 web belt. This was due to the fact that M1967 LBE's were typically issued without a full-array of pouches to outfit an operator.

In addition to the standard LBE available, some operators chose to wear an additional chest rig or vest. The principal choices available were: grenadier vests, One-Zero vests, pilot survival vests, and Chicom chest rigs.

Grenadier vests were the invention of a Special Forces soldier in the mid-1960's in order to provide grenadiers with an adequate supply of explosives. Grenadier vests allowed two dozen 40 mm grenades to be carried in readily accessible pouches on the front of the grenadier. The vests were popular amongst SOG operators throughout the war. Though there are no period-correct grenadier vests available at the moment, most 1990's style grenadier vests are acceptable stand-ins for late-war vests. However, a cloth repaint is advised to further accurize the vest.

One-Zero vests were popular among recon team leaders (also known as One-Zero, the operational name for their job). These vests were custom designed by One-Zeroes with an array of zippered pouches and small pockets to carry survival equipment and other gear. Currently, no one has made a One-Zero vest in 1:6 scale.
Pilot survival vests were used by some One-Zeroes as a stand-in for a One-Zero vest. However, the use of these vests was far rarer than SOG simply using dedicated One-Zero vests.Photos have shown at least one operator (Geoffery May of RT Arkansas, credit: wearing SRU 21/P pilot survival vests.

Lastly, many operators used Chicom chest rigs as a means of carrying additional ammunition. A Chicom rigs could hold up to three 30-round M16 mags (or a large number of SMG "stick" magazines)and four frag grenades (or other assorted sundries). These chest rigs were also frequently worn by operators disguising themselves as NVA soldiers. Though there was a great variety in colors available (from green to khaki), it is important that period-accurate vests have the small wooden toggles, not fasteners. The fasteners featured on some period-accurate vests are different from the button-fasteners found on some 1:6 Chicom chest rigs.

Rucksacks were a necessity for SOG teams, given the length of their operations and the amount of gear they needed to carry. However, it was important that the rucksacks 1) offered an adequate amount of room for operators to carry gear and 2) were not cumbersome or uncomfortable to carry. The first provision generally ruled out buttpacks (with some exceptions, see Ed Wolcoff). The second ruled out lightweight rucksacks, with were overly large and unwieldy, and ARVN rucks, which were notoriously uncomfortable. However, there were two rucksacks that did meet these criteria: CIDG and tropical rucksacks.
CIDG rucksacks were a CISO-produced ruck based off of a captured NVA example. They were smaller than other rucksacks of the period, such as lightweight and ARVN rucksacks. They were also generally more comfortable to wear than either of the previous examples. Only Toy Soldier has produced CIDG rucksacks, as part of TS Kenn Miller and TS MAC-V SOG.
Tropical rucksacks were an improved rucksack designed to replace the lightweight rucksack, which was overly large. Tropical rucks were based partially on the design for the CIDG ruck, and later evolutions were known as ALICE packs. These rucks were larger than CIDG rucks and had more webbing to hang gear from, making them more desirable than CIDG rucks in an operator needed to pack heavy. Additionally, these rucks incorporated a metal "x" frame to help support the ruck when worn. An Intoyz ALICE pack can be easily modified into a tropical rucksack using this guide written by Apache26. However, the truly driven accuracy nut will also repaint the rucksack to more accurately resemble 1:1 tropical rucksacks, rather than retaining the OG colors of the standard ALICE pack.

Jungle Boots
Jungle boots were chosen based on their comfort, durability, and the shape of their sole. Vibram and Panama sole jungle boots were a potentially a major liability for RT's, despite being the unanimous choice for operators. This was due to the boots' distinctive soles, which alerted NVA counter-recon teams to the American presence and made tracking the Americans much easier. This led to a development of variety of alternative soles and the use of non-standard boots, such as Bata boots and NVA shoes.
Panama Sole Jungle Boots
Vibram Sole Jungle Boots
Sandal Sole Jungle Boots
Foot Sole Jungle Boots
Bata Boots
NVA Shoes

Boonie Hat
Triangle Bandage Bandana
NVA Pith Helmet

Face Camouflage
Face camouflage was a subject that varied from team to team, but was not as prevalent among SOG teams as it was among the SEAL's or LRRP teams. While face camo added to the stealthiness of an operator, it was also a dead giveaway that the individual was an American (NVA units, with the possible exception of some counter-recon teams) did not wear face camo. A good middle ground which some individuals struck was to dirty the face up somewhat with soil or grease. This helped break up the light profile of their face but would not compromise them if they were spotted by an NVA.

Extraction Harnesses
Swiss Seat
McQuire Rig
Hanson Rig

PRC-25 (and PRC-77)

Light Machine Guns

Assault Rifles

Submachine Guns
Swedish K/Smith & Wesson M76
Sten Mk2 (Silenced)

Browning Hi-Power
Colt M1911

Grenade Launchers
China Lake

M34 WP
M18 Smoke
Micro-Grenades (Frag, Smoke, CS)

Bladed Weapons
SOG Bolo
SOG Knife
Aircrew Survival Knife
Randall Knife
Gerber Knife

Survival Equipment
Pen Flares
Signal Mirror
Lenstatic Compass
LRRP Rations
Canteen and Water Purification Tablets

Other Equipment
Note Book
Calling Cards

Rest Over Night
Prairie Fire
Bright Light
Eldest Son/Italian Green
Prisoner Snatch
Igloo White
Soapdish Documents
Bomb Damage Assessment
Document Grab (Operation TAILWIND Tribute)
HALO (Only if I can get some loaner pieces)



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Love it! The SOG Teams have long, long been one of my all-time favorite 'Nam topics.

Well done, no, superbly done!

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Found a use for that TTM-19.



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He looks like he walked right out of your ref pics Ryan!!! Outstanding job!!!:thumb:thumb

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More test pics. The weathering on the boots and 3DC pants does not show up well like this, I'll need to apply a heavier coat when I'm ready to post the full version. He still needs a 2 qt canteen as well, but that's somewhere in the mail.



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LG2's method: Luan, cut with a jigsaw or a similar blade. Source local suppliers for pre-cut hollowcore for spacers.
AF's method: Particle board layered on top of foamcore.

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THE GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES - ODA in Afghanistan 2002

My contest entry for the JP-Hobbies Contest

I'd wanted to do a "cowboy"-style Green Beret for a long time - one of the heavily bearded, t-shirt and ball-cap wearing, painted up M4 bada**es who kicked butt in Afghanistan before the "Big Army" took over. I based this guy off of the photos of SF operators working out of Narizah in August 2002.
I never did figure out how to get rid of that gloss on the diorama, but it's a price I paid for having otherwise good coloration. The diorama's somewhere in the basement, but the operator's sitting on my shelf closet - one of the few who didn't go into storage as part of the purge.




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GMV Project: "The Punisher"
-Finish out seats - regular and rear (figure out how rear seating will work)
-Rear seat webbing - use regular cargo netting like P2-2's got already
-Consumables - Need to find and print CRAT boxes (or use leftover DML), need 10x water bottles
-Need 3x fuel, 2x water cans (check P2-2's cans, see if good)
-Need to do radio set-up
-Need coffeepot
-Need walkman or iPod, "Pocketful of Blues"
-Need to finish up the turret
-Need to stow the rucks (check to see if I need hangers)
-Old-style SAT antenna
-2x pintle mounts for the M240's
-Need Armorpax ammo cans (check for fit, but ideally 3x .50 cal, 4x 7.62 mm or so). Also ask major.rod how he got his ammo can decals
-Store-Rooms tire

-Pepsi 12-pack - Consult Punisher2-2
-Office supply stores for paper clip boxes to use for packing equipment. Smaller boxes for smaller gear. CLEAR PLASTIC, NOT CARDBOARD! Spraypaint tan and weather.
Really Useful Boxes Plastic Storage Box 014 Liter 1 12 H x 1 34 D x 2 14 D Assorted Colors No Color Choice Pack Of 5 by Office Depot Really Useful Boxes Plastic Storage Box 055 Liter 1 34 H x 4 W x 8 12 D Clear by Office Depot
-Add compass, Toys City Laptop
-BGT has coffee pots
-Weapon storage - Driver is between right leg and the shift. Turret gunner is attached to a bungee clipped to the turret shield - left side against the shieldwall
-Fold a VS-17 panel over the spare tire in the back
-Army Navy store - krylon tan spray paint
-Heat up the soles, bend them upwards, and set with cold water
-For the '240's, ECLAN for the passenger, iron sights for the rear
-Clear decals
-Sandbags for confiscated items - Segregate bags by individual detainee: Mo, Larry, Curly; Redhead, Mustapha, Achmed; Include date, time, location; Use SALUTE format

-For the roof: make a frame with PVC tubing approriately wide, then use a heat gun (or blowdryer if you are inexperienced) to get the curve
-Terp gets sterile fatigues, Hooah bar stickers on AK


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-Rip-It Orange (Citrus X) for the Fobbit MP. Afghanistan uses half size cans
-Need a plate carrier (TS?) for the Fobbit as well.
-Scott's doing the PT belt, his patches are free
-Plate carrier, hydration pack, triple mag pouch (one pouch holding Rip-It), admin pouch
-Two d-links, one holding zip-ties
-Belt M9
-Need M4 and lenstatic compass

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Add assault panel to second shooter, 2x flashbangs to the breacher, M14 to the back of the GMV

Front Seat: Driver and Passenger, Radio, M240B on pintle mount for passenger. Center has a box marked "NAV" and a cardboard box filled with water bottles, CB radio
Extras: Fuzzy dice, Rip-It cans, Skoal can, smoke grenades taped to windows, incendiary taped to the radio (tape the body of the grenade to the rack leaving the spoon free and tape the pin with electic tape so nobody snags it by accident), Yankees cap
Back Seat: Left side passenger seat, right side for cargo. Center has an assault pack and a Unit One bag. Right side has a plastic box marked "batteries" and a cardboard box with a pair of crowbars and large wire cutters, spare sandbags
Extras: 2008 issue of Maxim, OSW sweatshirt
Rear: C-rat box marked "AMMO", cooler (repaint one of those bins) labelled "TRUCK 2", Sat Antenna, M240B on pintle mount, gas can, water can, toolbox, twelve 7.62 ammo cans, two .50 ammo cans, spare tire with VS-17 panel, AK-47, blacked out goggles, M72 LAW
Turret: M2, three spare ammo cans, camo netting, two AT4's

Green hard case for flares (rifle cleaning kit holder)


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"The Real As It Gets" Contest


-Entrants must produce a kitbash that is based upon reference material. For their entry to qualify, entrants must upload at least one photograph of their work and the reference upon which their work is based; and either post in this topic, PM me, or e-mail me pictures of their work.

Example: This tribute to the cast of "Black Hawk Down" features both a picture of the 1:6 entry and the 1:1 photo upon which the entry is based.

-Entrants must use new and original work. Kitbashes that have been exhibited on Onesixthwarriors or any other 1:6 collecting website prior to this posting (including WIP's) will not be permitted.
-Acceptable reference materials include (but are not limited to): photographs, video stills, combat videos, documentaries, historical drawings, reference pictures (such as those found in Osprey books), and other similar media.
-Unacceptable reference materials include (but are not limited to): airsofters, fictional films, films that are "based on a true story" (including "We Were Soldiers," "Hamburger Hill," and "Black Hawk Down"), and video games
-Entrants will be judged by a community vote at the end of the contest
-All pieces entered by 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time October 31, 2012 will qualify for this contest


All contestants will receive a certificate of participation and a small prize for participating

For the Modern and Cold War Category (All Figures Circa 1968 - Current):

First Prize - A $ gift certificate from

Second Prize - A $ gift certificate from

Third Prize - A free, made-to-order patch sheet created by Casual_Collector

For the World at War and Pre-Modern Category (All Figures Prior to 1968)

First Prize - A $25 gift certificate from

Second Prize - A free, made-to-order patch sheet created by Casual_Collector

Good luck to everyone! Post all entries in this thread, along with additional questions



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Soldier Story U.S. ARMY IN AFGHANISTAN Flight One

Nude Body, Head, Thunder Thighs, Short Ankle Pegs, Bare Hands - $16 (cazadornocturno)
Glove Hands - $3 (Fender2010)
Uniform Set (Top, Pants, Patches) - $10 (Matthew2388)
Kneepads - $4 (Undead Soldier)
Boots - $6 (umangdesa)
MICH 2000 Helmet w/ Cover and Surefire Light - $8 (JTFazz)
Netting - $1 (Paladin)
PSQ-20 Night Vision Goggles w/ Battery Case - $6 (Casual_Collector)
Goggles - $4 (trnswrp10)
M-Frame Clear Sunglasses - $3 (Casual_Collector)
Survival Kit (Strobe, Canteen, Carabiner, Tourniquet, Medical Shears) - $4 (silent_05)
PRC-152 Radio - $4 (Fender2010)
Grenades (1x Flashbang, 1x Smoke, 2x Frags) - $4 (Casual_Collector)
Webgear - $18 (JTFazz)
M4 w/ Grip, M68, AN/PEQ-15 (Tan Laser), M62 Gun Light (Silver Light), Bungee Sling - $15 (Casual_Collector)
3x Black PMags - $2 (Casual_Collector)
Mk48 w/ Grip, ACOG, AN/PEQ-15A (Black Laser), M52V Gun Light (Tan Light), Sling - $15 (Docski85)
M9 Pistol w/ Holster - $6 (trnswrp10)

Soldier Story U.S. ARMY IN AFGHANISTAN Flight Two

Nude Body, Head, Thunder Thighs, Short Ankle Pegs, Bare Hands - $16 (Docski85)
Glove Hands - $3 (MigsGabb811)
Uniform Set (Top, Pants, Patches) - $10 (JTFazz)
Kneepads - $4 (umangdesa)
Boots - $6 (umangdesa)
MICH 2000 Helmet w/ Cover and Surefire Light - $8 (JTFazz)
Netting - $1 (Matthew2388)
PSQ-20 Night Vision Goggles w/ Battery Case - $6 (Paladin)
Goggles - $4 (trnswrp10)
M-Frame Clear Sunglasses - $3 (ArtDamage)
Survival Kit (Strobe, Canteen, Carabiner, Tourniquet, Medical Shears) - $4 (silent_05)
PRC-152 Radio - $4 (Docski85)
Grenades (1x Flashbang, 1x Smoke, 2x Frags) - $4 (Casual_Collector)
Webgear - $18 (JTFazz)
M4 w/ Grip, M68, AN/PEQ-15 (Tan Laser), M62 Gun Light (Silver Light), Bungee Sling - $15 (ArtDamage)
3x Black PMags - $2 (Casual_Collector)
Mk48 w/ Grip, ACOG, AN/PEQ-15A (Black Laser), M52V Gun Light (Tan Light), Sling - $15 (cazadornocturno)
M9 Pistol w/ Holster - $6 (trnswrp10)


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In the Grim, Dark Future of the 21st Century, the Dead walk the Earth.
After a millennia in the shadows, the Elder Vampires have emerged from hiding to strike. Breaking the forbidden Seventh Seal, they have unleashed upon Mankind a plague of the Undead. One by one, the great Cities and Nations of Man have fallen to the hordes and the devious machinations of the Elders. Isolated pockets of humanity still survive - rugged Survivalists and the elite forces of Unit ZED, fighting a pitched battle for survival against the Undead.
Even as the Elders plot the conquest of these last remnants of Mankind, they face an internal rebellion from the younger Kindred. These new vampires, calling themselves "Generation X", refuse to hold themselves beholden to the Plan and seek to carve out their own sphere of influence in the burning remains of civilization.
With war everywhere and safety nowhere, who will own the future of...


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She wore it for her sailor who was always underway...

JTAC (July/Aug)
x2 Helmet (Scavenge the suspension system) $30
x2 SCAR sets, sell the weapons ($50)
x1 Pack (maybe?)

Ghost (Aug/Sep)
x2 Airframe (use JTAC suspension + Repaint to tan. Add cover) ($40)
x2 Mk18 ($50)

HRT 416 (EoTech, Magnifer, LowPro, Mag Change, 2x Magpul w/ Windows, Silencer, PEQ, front sight, change stock to CTR) (July/Aug)
Lucky Six (if I can find one)

Bendy Hands x2
SS AIA M4 set
x4 Preacher mags
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