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I can be contacted via PM or emailed at theonesixthsenseATyahooDOTcom



Soldier Story M16A4 w/203 ( no accessories, no mags, no attachments, just the core weapon, from the Marine set)
Soldier Soldier desert camo M4/203wtih EoTech ( from the TF Training guy with vest)
Soldier Story full stock Remington 870 shotgun with tac light ( but no shell side saddle)
Art Figures Punisher ( Tom Jane) brown shoulder holster, no pistol
Hot Toys Blade II headsculpt only
Hot Toys Gambit/Taylor Kitsch headsculpt only
Hot Toys 23rd Sniper Woodland headsculpt only ( Dominic Purcell)
Hot Toys The Comedian headsculpt only
Hot Toys Albert Wesker headsculpt and neck only ( light up eyes feature)
Hot Toys HellBoy black boots only
Hot Toys Watchmen Silk Spectre stand and stand arm only
Hot Toys SDU shotgun with tac light, sliding stock and Aimpoint x 2
Hot Toys Terminator Uzi ( no brown strap,no over the top charging handle)
Enterbay Leon The Professional headsculpt only
Sideshow Viper Magpul Masada rifle with Suppressor
Sideshow Viper classic laser rifle
Sideshow Black Ninja headsculpt only
Sideshow Red Ninja flat feet only (pair)
Sideshow Firefly OD green Steyr TMP submachinegun with stock ( no suppressor, no aimpoint)
Marvel Blade II vest ( metal looking plastic buckles removed)
Marvel Blade II suppressed Ingram submachinegun
Dragon Models Amy Woodland parka
Dragon non suppressed P90, no tac light
Dragon scoped KAR98 with working bolt
Dragon G36 full size rifle
Dragon M16A1/203 ( carry handle has older version rear sights)
Dragon 870 pistol grip shotgun with black pump
Dragon 870 full stock shotgun with black pump and black stock
Ultimate Soldier Beech chrome SPAS12
Ultimate Soldier Mad Bomber chrome suitcase bomb
Ultimate Soldier Armed Terrorist AK47 snubby
Ultimate Soldier SEAL VBSS CAR15 ( no ACOG)
Ultimate Soldier Ithaca 37 pistol grip and full stock shotguns
DID Dick 95 Rifleman's black backpack, green pants, funny bakers hat, ammo pouch with horn, round canteen, tall black cylinder like hat with brim
DID Modern AK47 with folding stock and taped together mags
ZC World Borg Julia sci fi big sniper rifle
BBI Cy Girls Nikki submachine gun
BBI Renegade OD green RAV no pouches
BBI Mass Market XM8 rifle
BBI Mass Market XM8 rifle w/ GI Weapons Tech AG36 attached
BBI Mass Market G36C rifle
BBI Renegade M4/203 with no attachments
GI Joe SWAT Silent Entry crossbow with scope
Toy Soldier M4 with carry handle RIS rail that extends to the top of the foregrip area
Oversized Robocop pistol


Hot Toys
- PMC Leg Muscle Sleeve ( From the bearded Bale PMC with shorts)
- Appleseed Tereus rubber leg/waist sleeve
- Appleseed Tereus rubber chest sleeve/armor ( armless)
- Appleseed Tereus back/shoulder armor ( think like football pads)
- Appleseed Tereus boots, suit belt, forearm bracers, shinguards and long arm rubber sleeves
- Appleseed Tereus hands x 5 ( one right first, one pair pistol type, one pair grasping)
- Appleseed Brieros black belt with molded black pouches
- Appleseed Brieros black molded left and right thigh holsters ( no guns)
- Appleseed Deunan suit belt
- Appleseed Deunan black belt with black molded pouches
- Appleseed Deunan forearm bracers
- Appleseed Deunan hands x 3 ( one sword hand, one pair open palm)
- Ripley boots ( not beets)
- John Connor V1 brown Leather Jacket
- Resident Evil Leon fur lined brown leather jacket
- Resident Evil Leon blue cargo pants with belt
- Resident Evil Leon blue unitard tight fitting shirt ( slight thread repair)
- Resident Evil Leon black boots
- Resident Evil black double molded pistol ammo pouches X 3 ( two vertical, one horizontal positioned)
- John Conner V2 black cargo pants with integrated kneepads
- John Conner V2 black mesh vest ( no pouches)
- John Conner V1 black STABO rig
- Machiko sword and sheath, no chain
- Machiko one pair of hands, face mask, neck wrap, forearm bracers ( 1 blade, 1 regular, ), pair of armored feet, shoulder armor, bone necklace
- Octopus lavender tie
- War Machine V1 closed fists ( no wrist pegs)
- War Machine V1 open fixed posed hands( no wrist pegs) ( Like a wide receiver opening his hands to catch a football)


Subway Toys Tony Almeida compact chrome HK USP with belt holster x 1
Hot Toys Snake Eyes FN pistol with belt holster x 2 ( left handed)
Hot Toys Alice chrome double barrel shotgun x 2
BBI Stingray shallow water black flippers x 2 sets
Unknown brand shallow water back flippers x 4 sets ( I think BBI TRU Mass Market copies of Stingrays)
BBI Stingray black wetsuit x 2 sets
BBI Stingray Draeger x 1 ( with No17 stencil)
BBI Stingray diver gloved hands x 2 pairs
BBI Stingray Compass Board x 1 and holster no pistol x 1
BBI Stingray right dive boot only ( right only)
BBI Stingray dive weight belt w/ two metal square weights
DML Stan diver mask x 2
DML Gary Gordon cloth M4 ammo pouches x 2
GI Joe Snake Eyes 6 cell Uzi ammo chest rig
Intoyz black Omega/Blackhawk vest x 1
GI Joe Firefighter helmet with clear glass shield


Hot Toys Stoner Gunner jacket and tigerstripe pants
Hot Toys 60 Gunner grenadier cut off tiger stripe jacket
Hot Toys 60 gunner web belt, buttpack, H harness, pistol holster, Hush Puppy Pistol, 1 canteen pouch with canteen, two general purpose utility/ammo pouches
Hot Toys Billy Sole belt, H harness, canteen pouch with canteen and general ammo pouch
Hot Toys 60 gunner general M60 ammo pouch
Hot Toys Chris Taylor pack, M16A1, LAW rocket, helmet with inscription

Toy Soldier Kenn Miller Tigerstripes ( top and bottom)
Toy Soldier Pointman Tigerstripe top, blue jeans, different pattern tiger stripe pants
Toy Soldier Pointman tiger beret and tigerstripe full brim boonie
Toy Soldier Pointman OD cloth gloves x 1 set
Toy Soldier Pointman shotgun with duck bill
Toy Soldier canteen pouches with canteen x 9
Toy Soldier M16 cloth 20 round ammo pouches x 9
Toy Soldier 45 pistol in black pleather holster x 1
Toy Soldier square cardboard survival kit in a square cloth pouch
Toy Soldier blood expander OD cylinder
Toy Soldier cloth canteen pouches, no canteens x 2
Toy Soldier cloth belt with H harness x 2
Toy Soldier dark OD green neck float device
Toy Soldier Kenn Miller big orange marker thing
Toy Solder small square cloth first aid belt pouches x 6
Toy Soldier Air Force Survival Knife with light brown sheath x 1

Dragon Moore and Smith helmets with inner liner and camo covers.
Dragon Moore web belt, H harness and two molded ammo pouches
Dragon M16A1 with closed muzzle x 1
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