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I recently purchased PL2020-165B (Silver Version). I also purchased separate parts for PL2020-165C (Golden version): the shoulder armor, leg armor, bracers, hands, and sandals.

I apologize for this impromptu review. I had high expectations for this set and was heartbroken when I opened the box. Because I have not seen any reviews on this product yet, I wanted to write this review so that others will know what to expect. My review is not a thorough review of the product but rather highlights the pros and cons.

As many probably already know, there are three version of this set. PL2020-165A (Black Version, PL2020-165B (Silver Version), and PL2020-165C (Golden Version). Each version has a different headsculpt, different color armor, and different weapons.

From what I have seen, the Silver Version is currently in stock at many retailers, but the Black Version and Golden Version are sold out. My understanding is the Silver Version is the least popular version. I personally liked the combination of white, silver, and gold in the armor and the blonde head sculpt.


The sword is a metal sword. It appears to be the same sword used in Athena and Silver Huntress except this sword is almost completely silver. I actually like the sword a lot. Is it historically accurate? No, of course not. Is it a good quality, durable, medieval-type sword? Yes. Of the top of my head, I cannot remember the last time TBLeague/Phicen provided metal swords, but I believe it has been several years.

Wood Religious item Line Blade Cross

Here is a pic of the sword (center) next to other metal, medieval swords.

The other weapon, the lance, is made of plastic. It appears to be lighter, shorter, and thinner than Skarah and Tariah's lances.

The helmet is interesting. The design is aggressive, and the red hair on the helmet extends down to waist-level. In my opinion, the red color does not match well with the Silver Version.

The head sculpt is one of the better TBLeague/Phicen headsculpts. She is not photogenic, so she looks a lot better in person than any of the pics I have seen.

Hair Footwear Leg Thigh Entertainment

Comparing her to the other three TBLeague/Phicen blonde headsculpts that were TBLeague/Phicen original creations in this pic, she is probably second to Athena.


The Silver Version is "heavily" battle worn (her clothes and armor appear to be covered in dirty, rust, and dried blood). I did not expect her clothes to appear off white/dirty white.

I note that the Golden Version is not golden but actually bronze. I purchased the armor from the Golden Version so that I could kitbash a white/gold version, but the colors turned out to be incompatible.

Shoe Plant People in nature Tree Fawn

In this pic, I swapped out the silver armor for the bronze armor. Because of the difficulty involved in mounting the leg armor (tweezers and patience are required), I only laid the bronze leg armor on top of the silver armor.

Similarly related, although they are the same design, the hands for the Silver Versions and Golden Versions are different colors from other TBLeague/Phicen products. I had hoped that the Golden hands were identical to Arhian City of Horror hands so that Arhian could have a set of left hands (and not have to wear the left glove). However, the Golden Version brown is a dark brown (it almost appears black). I had also hoped that the Silver hands were identical to Tariah hands but the Silver hands are off white/dirty/stained/battle worn.

The sandals are extra large and cannot be used with traditional TBLeague/Phicen feet. A traditional foot occupies around two-thirds of the sandal and you cannot see the toes. The Golden sandals I purchased will require a set of Spartan Army Commander feet.

Although the cape is made of cloth, it is "flimsier" than I had expected (it appears to be the same material used in T-shirts) so it does not drape that well. However, the cape attaches to the chest straps using a hook, so it does not move around once secure.

Notwithstanding the above, the Silver Version blends well with another set of armor that I had no use for.

Plant Art Statue Fawn Sculpture

Plant Art Tree Sculpture Statue

Plant Helmet Tree Thigh Waist

So, I ultimately ended up kit bashing the Silver Version and was able to make use of her. If I had a chance to pick from the 3 versions knowing what I know now, I would probably have picked the Silver Version again or maybe the Golden Version.
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