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There's a new Bat Girl in town and she goes by the name of Lady Bat. There's a very strong Tokatsu vibe about this one and I just can't stop thinking that she'll make a great villain to the vintage Showa Kamen Riders.

TB League (formerly Phicen Ltd) 2018 SHCC Exclusive 1/6th scale Lady Bat 12-inch Action Figure Packing List:
1) 1 x head sculpt
2) 1 x TBLeague female seamless body with metal skeleton
3) 3 pairs x interchangeable hands with gloves
4) 1 x tiara
5) 1 pair x shoulder armors
6) 1 x bikini top
7) 1 x bikini bottom
8) 1 pair x suspender belts
9) 1 x skull belt
10) 1 x necklace
11) 1 x choker
12) 1 pair x big golden bracelets
13) 1 pair x small golden bracelets
14) 1 pair x sleeves
15) 1 pair x wrist armors
16) 1 pair x thigh high boots
17) 1 pair x open wings
18) 1 pair x folded wings
19) 1 x blood goblet
20) 1 x serpentine sword

A first look at the box front and back. There is no base...why not? it's a SHCC Exclusive product anyway...

The contents. It is divided into 2 sections: the main body with accessories, and the wings. suspected, very similar to the Purgatori figure! So is the back of the figure...with 2 holes to put on the wings.

And...garments could not be removed...unless you cut it. Just like the Purgatori.

If you look closely at the transparent garter belts, the plastic is glued at a rather obvious spot...WHY WHY WHY???!!!

This is, by far, the most beautiful HS, I think, that Phicen has ever produced! I felt like the face is trying to communicate with me...PLEASE BE GENTLE!!!

And the rest of the accessories. Not much, and all too familiar like the Purgatori...

Now, to put on the accessories, the shoulder armor might just be the most challenging of the lot! Like the Purgatori, I have to remove the wrist guard before i can put the strap on. Unlike the Purgatori, it uses plastic strap to go thru the arm. The skull armor can be taken off via button, so i recommend putting the shoulder amor on with the skull remove first. You need to twist and turn the plastic strap, as it will inevitably be twisted while putting it on.

I noticed holes at the bottom of the high heels. That's where i thought, why not include a base that can make use of this feature? I can experiment with more posture with that base.

First look at the figure with the HS and its accessories on. The body used has the same tone as Arkhalla Queen of Vampires, which is toner.

The wings. Opened and closed. And the way to wear it is using the Tab A and Slot B mechanism...quite secure, and adjustable.

Wings aren't heavy, so when the opened wings are used, the figure can still stand pretty well.

Now, i would like to discuss a bit on the similarities between the Lady Bat, and the Purgatori figure.

For the wings, other than the color, it is pretty obvious that the wings are cut from the same mold! In other words, I could put the red wings onto Lady Bat!

The next picture, the Left side are from Purgatori, and the Right side from Lady Bat.
The cups are almost identical, except for a small difference in the coloration, and the blood design on the rims.
As for the daggers, except for the curvy design, they look quite different. Which is good.

Other similar designs:
The Cross necklace
The Choker (similar in design, but different color)
Bikini Garments (different colors)
Boots and garter belts (different colors)
Hands sculpts (different colors)
Wrist Guards

Would You Choose The Wine, Or The Dagger? Decide Carefully!

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Thanks for the review brassco.
I presume this is a pale tone body?
I guess there will be knock-off HS of this from here on!
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