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Hi All,

Tarzan Lord of the Jungle 1:12 scale.


Tarzan - the body is a TBLeagure body which is the leaner out of the two bodies and the heads are from Damtoy's German SS Officer. I removed the peak caps and then used putty to mould the upper section of the head and then used fake for for the hair. The silicone on the body is a tan colour but I wanted to lighten the skin tone which I did by dry brushing different tones of skin colours..

The loin cloth is pleather as are the wrist wraps and the wraps around the weapons. The bow and spear are skewers which have been thin down by sanding them and the string on the bow is thin dark string and the spears blade is plastic card cut and shaped. The knife handle is a skewer and the blade is plastic card cut and shaped, the arrows are thin plastic card and the feathers are paper cut to size and glued and the knife sheath and the quiver are made from pleather which I hand sewn.

Base - is high density foam layered two high and then cut to shape, I then removed some of the foam and added a small rock face and small stones by using Woodland Scenics rock moulds and gluing them into place and painting and weathering them. I then used real branches and soaked them in methylated spirits for a few hours then let them dry in the sun which dries them out and stops them decaying. I then used mulch/dirt and dry leaves for the ground work.

Once the ground work was done I then used plastic ferns which I have had for a while and the vines are dried out vines I got of a tree a few weeks ago. The bushes are from Woodland Scenics Fine leaf foliage(Olive Green) and the small tufts of grass are from Army Painter. The damp river bed was done by using Woodland Scenics Realistic Water and using a brush I applied three layers to the ground work to give wet look.


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