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Tamiya Weathering Stick

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Last year Brady of Monkey Depot introduced this tool called the "Tamiya Weathering Stick," from the maker of fine military paints.

I had bought one but never actually used it until now, and I am pleasantly surprised on how good it looks. It takes a bit of a trick to get it to look right, but the trick isn't anything hard. First, the Before/After shots.

Subject is the cloth Oakley assault boots from Very Hot Toys. First pic is the left boot without the weathering stick applied, second pic is with the stick applied.

As you can see the weathering is subtle but noticeable, and doesn't look "overdone" like other weathering jobs I've seen(no offense). I have very little skill using paints to weather, so this came as a surprise to me to see how easy it is with the Weathering Stick.

Here's four easy steps to apply weathering to your figures using the stick:

1) Apply a moderate amount onto the surface, one or two thin strokes.
2) Rub the material around on the surface and spread it around
3) Pick out any excess material in the recesses of the part being weathered.
4) Continue steps 1-4 until object is weathered to your tastes.

If you're interested, here's the section on Monkey Depot with the sticks for sale:
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Do they adhere well to the surface after they dry? Do they rub off at all like some enamel model paint? Or do they permanently 'stick' to the surface? Would really love to try these out, if they work as good as people suggested. I sometimes use enamel washes for plastic models weathering, but they are only good for looks since they get rub off easy by fingers if handled too much (unless you seal it with a clear coat...but don't think that is good for fabric uniform).
I'm also interested to know if the paint becomes glossy or remains well as the stickeness. I hate using oil-based/enamel paints. Everything comes out glossy even if the paint is supposed to be flat. I prefer acrylic, but paint pen is even better...less mess and fuss. Thanks in advance.
On that same fig I used the boots for, I've applied the stick onto the knee pads, and they've stayed flat and non-glossy for awhile now. I applied it about the start of Jan, and they've been in fine condition ever since even with handling.
I've not seen the sticks but I have seen them done in blocks that come in packs of 3. I'll have to give them a go someday.

I found that the stick is more greasy then the make up box type, it takes some getting used to but you can wheater uniform easly but you will have to take them of you figure first, apply gentle rubbing and then fade the powder with your fingers.
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