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Takara Kerberos hose problem

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Long time lurker, first time actually posting! The breather hoses on my Takara Kerberos male figure are coming apart. Does anyone have any recommendations for replacement hoses?
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Guitar strings might help you out...

Hot Toys Predator Helmet Hoses

kerberos breathing tube

Guitar strings - interesting :) Any suggestions on attaching them aside from good old super glue.

There's also some small braided lines availible for model car radiator hoses. These may work well.
rkaiser - thanks for bringing this up. I just noticed (last night) that the breather hose on my Kerberos is also broken. Snapped off clean about a 1/16" below the hose attachment.

cryoguns - great idea, I 'll try and find some
Did anyone find a good solution for this? I have been looking and can't seem to find anything good. I would prefer something made of black plastic. The guitar stings are not thick enough.

Does anyone know of a cheap toy that might have the right size hoses to scavenge?

The Kerberos hoses seem to be between 4mm to 5mm thick?
There after market custom "hoses" (really tubular mesh brass or metal chain or braided fiberglass) available that have a different look than the hoses on Kerberous figures but are a good substitute for a unique look and more permanance than the rubber ones. They are used by sci-fi models for anything from spaceship engines to Mech details. Have a look at them at Starship Modelers site pages 1 & 2 of the store:

While you are there have a look at some of the other detailing parts (rivets, bolts, etc.).
I think I may try the Mecha Skunk 4mm Fiberglass braided sleeve They also have some 4mm piano wire extension spring that might work nicely as well.

thanks for the website furious genius!
Just a quick update! I finally got around to replacing the breather hoses with the Mecha Skunk 4mm piano wire extension and their ugly tube.

The hoses over the shoulder were very easy to replace since the 4mm metal replacement just slides in the back piece and fits nicely in the front. The smaller hose from the chest to faceplate took a little more work. I basically enlarged the holes for the hoses with a dremel. I used the ugly tube inside the metal hose to add a little more weight and to keep it from bending too much. After several coats of Testor's flat black it turned out pretty good. Aside from maybe touching up the black from time to time it should be pretty durable. I'm very happy with the results since this is my first attempt at modifying a 1/6 scale figure.
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Glad you found a good fix. I was just popping to say the hose of a 1/6 camel back works too.
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