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Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, and I'd be grateful for a link if that's the case, but I couldn't find it.
I do customs exclusively of movie characters played by the actor Jason Isaacs, for which I've been using a BBI figure. The headsculpt is great, and it's bald! so customizing the hair is easy. However, the body, while very poseable, really looks like a 12" action figure (glossy, segmented, and plastic-y).
So I acquired a ZC TOYS S005 Narrow Shoulder Body which I'd like to substitute, but the neck peg is very different.
Don't know what generation BBI the head sculpt is from, but the terminus of the peg is conical, while the ZC neck peg ends in a ball. I looked at some connector sets on eBay, but none include the same shape.
Do you recommend somehow removing the original peg from the neck piece of the BBI and installing it in the socket of the ZC neck, or something else?
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fullsizeoutput_3917.jpg fullsizeoutput_391b.jpg

(Top: BBI neck with peg; below: ZC)
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