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Well, after all this time (a few years), a few weeks ago I finally got an African American female (in 1:6 collecting their like finding gold!) and she took a lot time, dough, and patience to have but she is worth every penny! Read her bio! Info and stuff is below her pics, enjoy!
"Hardcore Country Girl" Suzzana Storming
Born as: Susana Michele Young.

Current Name: Suzzana Storming.

Sex: Female.

From: Northern Georgia.

Currently Resides: Northern Georgia but from time to time travels to New Orleans for various reasons.

Occupation: Assassin and Street Fighter.

Notable Feats: An acclaimed assassin hired by many. Is a hardcore country girl, a street fighter, fighting in underground fighting rings, starting and winning bar fights against both sexes for sport, money, pleasure and fun. Is an acrobatic master, martial artist, marks-woman and psychic.

Status: Is not yet known to the authorities that she is an assassin and a street fighter!

Group: N/A.
The Hardcore Country Girl!

The Assassin!

A deadly woman indeed but that doesn't mean she can't be sexy & hot and seductive!

Never mess with a hardcore country girl!

Well there you have it! It was quite hard finding an AAF but when I saw her she was ultimately mine, I absolutley loved how she looked and just dig her silver hair, she is perfect! I do wish she had double-jointed elbows and knees as she has the older CG body but she really is just fine, she has a greatly shaped body and so far she is just not one of My favorite females but out of all of My kit-bashes that consists of both sexes, I think I made her quite good. MORE pics to come soon so in the mean time replies, comments, and feedback are welcomed!

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Congrats and well done, Brandon. You've breathed a lot of life into her, an impressive imagining.
Thank Dog, that was My intention. I didn't just want her to be a regular AA, I wanted her top be quite unique. It was a bit difficult on deciding on her appearances but I love how she turned out. Thanks again dude!

Nice work! The magazines in the submachine guns in some of the photos are backwards, though. They should be pointing away from her body (the one in her left hand in the last photo is inserted correctly).
Thanks for noticing Edwick:( Well, I on purpose did that cause both ways look good IMO and the backwards one looks unusual. Thanks for the comment!
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