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Support your "local"/"fellow OSW" 1:6 retailers during the holidays . . .

See subject.

With the holidays just around the corner . . . I know many have already started and/or will be starting their 1:6 holiday purchases.

Asides from the usual 1:6 dealers/retailers many of us already know within our forum . . . I'd like to take a moment to encourage with the OSW to support your fellow members who maintain 1:6 businesses online as well when shopping around.

Supporting our hobby through purchases of 1:6 items is one thing, but also supporting our fellow OSW members by patronizing their businesses in support of the 1:6 hobby is also welcome.

I'd like to give a personal shout to SMcG Customs | OSW member sithlordmacgyver, eBay seller & OSW member iyiyyy, & Danny @ Hobby-Galaxy | OSW member Hobby-Galaxy.

Don't forget all the other 1:6 dealers/retailers affiliated with the OSW as well.
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