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Getting back to my Indian Wars obsession, I finally took some pics with the Springfield 1881 Forager Shotgun I made many years ago. It was a simple bash from a Dog Soldier trapdoor carbine, with a new barrel and short forearm - made before BattleGear Toys came out with their vastly superior trapdoors.
The US Army purchased some commercial shotguns to issue to the troops for hunting, but the lack of funds made this a limited program. There were even rounds made with bird shot for the trapdoor rifles and carbines, and even the Krag-Jorgensen. But Springfield Armory came up with a plan to cheaply supply quality shotguns, with two being issued to every company on the frontier, and they were well received by the troops. Anything that helped improve the poor rations issued by the army was considered a blessing.
My figure is of an infantry private, who was obviously one of the better shots in his company. Most everything is BattleGear, except for the shotgun, his hat (thank you Gordon!) and his 1878 canteen. That was modified from CW canteen (as were the actual Indian Wars canteens) by adding a "canvas" cover with US to a SST canteen, and a BGT strap. The CW cartridge box was Ignite or DiD. The army did not specifically issue a means to carry Forager ammunition, but old cartridge boxes and specially made belts filled the need.
The rabbits were repainted from one of the craft stores, and the dead one was sold as a "sleeping flop-eared rabbit". The ducks came from a hunting set sold at Target years ago.
Thanks for looking!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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