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This was not my intention when I ordered S34A. I believed that it would be the same height as the S24A but it isn't. It is as tall as the S04B which I had been using for 2B. However I liked the proportions better on the S34A than the S04B so I thought I would try swapping 2B's body and here is the result and my opinions.

Removing the clothes was equally as difficult as putting it on the original body. Fortunately putting the clothes on the new body was definitely less of a chore. Now it may not matter to some people because the black clothes does hide the odd proportions of the original body but as a fan of the game and the character, it always did stand out to my eyes.

Joint Outerwear Hairstyle Shoulder Leg

I am pretty satisfied with the new proportions as it more closely resembles the game model. I have no real complaints from the waist down as the legs are about the same length although much of the girth is lost and that includes the much heralded buttock. Not a huge loss to me though.

Its the upper body that calls attention as this outfit was clearly shaped to fit the S04B. The arms are shorter than the original so some of the fabric on the sleeves had to be adjusted. I'm sure I could do a better job by just tucking the sleeve into the shoulder poofy part. The head and wrist pegs are the same as the shorter figures but thats super weird considering the overall height is the same as the older figures.

One negative is that the bust is a bit too small but the cup size still works well. Its a little challenging to make those see translucent flexible plastic parts to fit exactly right on her chest and back.

Anyway I'm sure this would never happen, but if Super Duck made a 2.0 to fit this newer body, I would definitely be on board.

Shoe Arm Leg Human body Thigh
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