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Styrene: To Prime or Not to Prime?

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I'm using some corrugated styrene to add an accessory rail to a weapon, and I'm about ready to paint it.

My question is: do I need to hit it with a coat of primer before I paint it, or will it take the paint without primer?

(I could just go ahead and prime it, but I need to open my apartment window when I paint, and it's pretty cold here right now, so the less spraying I need to do, the better).

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Basic rule is prime everything. With styrene you should give it a light sanding before you paint. I use fingernail sanding sponges the wife picks up from the beauty supply store. These come in a very fine grit so you would loose detail.
Hope that helps,
After sanding it, wash it in warm soapy water. Use Krylon primer ....dries in 30 minutes...then go ahead and paint away. The primer will help if you are using paints other than acrylics and provide protection against annealing.
Priming will help the paint layer adhere better, and will show any imperfections that may not be as easliy visible before the primer. It's easier to spot and fix when primed, rather than painting and finding a flaw, then having to go back and do it all again.
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