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Hi All,

The park wall and the Sturmbannfuhrer figure 1:12

Figure - is from DAMTOYS and even thou the figure and accessories are excellent and myself being a military modeler and customizer I had to repaint the heads, hands, uniform and equipment.

The uniform was taken off and given a wash in warm soapy water and once dry I used a fine piece of sandpaper and pastel chalks on the uniform to make it a little more weathered. The hands, heads and equipment were repainted and weathered using Vallejo Paints. Instead of repainting the piping on the cap I used white cotton and glued it around the cap to give it more realism.

Base - is high density foam and the park wall and bricks have been made using high density foam and the cobblestone was done using a sharp led pencil. The park bench is a dollhouse MDF kit I got from ebay and the signs are from Verlinden which I have had for years and are in 1:35 scale so I had to scan them and resize them to 1:12 scale.

I firstly applied a mix of sand and spakfilla with a little brown paint mixed in and applied it to the base. The grass tufts are from my local gaming store and the clumps of grass with the little brown tops and the Dandelions are from MiniNatur. The old newspapers are from a very small book a mate from form model group gave me and once everything was glued down I used pastel chalks to weather the dio.



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