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Stryker Soldier Project - Looking for Tips

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Hi All:

I'm new to this part of the hobby. I have another thread introducing myself and you can see what I have done in smaller scales there. I have an affinity for the Stryker and the men who crew them. I was with 3/2 at the NTC and I want to depict a figure or two in that setting, using my two photos below as inspiration:

So, I want to get this as realistic as I can. The MILES will be a challenge and fun. So far, I have a DML Stryker figure and I understand DML is not quite the best. I figure I will have to do a kit bash, so I am looking for pointers. Where should I look? I know this is subjective, but I am looking for the best/most realistic. For instance, I do not like the helmet band. It seems that the manufacturers use some compromise in material, and for me this helmet band sticks out like a sore thumb. Actually, it seems like they use the same ribbed material for all straps. Do you guys ever change these straps? Or do you live with them?

I will be repainting the flesh parts and I plan on making the poses static since this will be in a vignette, and so I plan on using putty to cover the articulated parts. But will I be able to put the clothes back on? Or do I somehow work this in with the clothes on?

Should I be using a different nude underneath? Or is the DML nude anatomically correct? I always notice legs being too skinny in this scale - or is that the clothes being too tight? Are there better uniforms with more realistic stitching? Or is Ralph as good as it gets in this scale?

What about the M4? The boots?

Sorry about all the questions.

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Bob, here are some links that will help you out on your search for parts.
MILES gear. and link to buy

Boots..couple of choices.. plastic molded but look nicely weathered and worn in..
Leather do the weathering but more realistic looking

Pouches.. both woodland and tan.. IMO..there is also a 3color version at same store.

M4.. best is Soldiers Story hands down..even has working bolt/upper receiver with gas tube and you can field strip it..RAS comes off it fast..they are selling out..I was only able to get 1 while back. can work these on the posed hands already or some of the retailers have bendy hands you can use for this type of glove

helmet will be the hardest one makes a woodland cover for ACH or regular kevlar anymore..what I have done is take the cover off of this helmet
and put it on a BBI ACH or this ACE's the best IMO also that helmet that came with the boxed figure you bought already will and glue it down with super glue.
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hqpham said:
Bob, here are some links that will help you out on your search for parts.
MILES gear.
Fabulous! I would never dream this would be available...

Bob, I'm updating my post as I find more stuff to recommend so just refresh...
Darn, I try to go on that OJI Toys and all it says is "Coming Soon." Where are they from? Reputable? Who makes the MILES stuff, OJI, or is OJI just a retailer?

Edit: Okay, now I see. Hot Toys. Seems they have a lot of cool stuff.

If you wanted to do a DCU version of a STRYKER brigade,Toy Soldier realeased a set with a pair of wodland Kneepads that was excellent as well.
Hot Toys made the MILES gear. A really nice set.
Hi Bob, my advice on this situation is piece the figures together using different stuff. If you are looking for a good, basic woodland figure thats somewhat updated (As in, most current 1/6th gear), try MSG Mullen figure from Toy Soldier

He's got some good BDU's, woodland Kevlar (I understand those are ACH helmets in your photos), leather boots, knee pads and a decent M4. It's a start anyway. The rest you can piece together as you go.

Have fun with this. If you need help on the Interceptor vests, let me know :)
Dragon also dose 'Ralph' n the experimental CCU uniform sported by the 3rd in Iraq.

the figure come with all the badges and that ready to get into the action.

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Thanks everybody. I have a lot to consider, I suppose. Do you guys repaint the weapons and other equipment?

The only limit's are parts, money and imagination, Bob. Some weapons come in various schemes, but a lotta guys do repaints. They ratchet that up a bit farther by adding wear to the paint jobs (rubbing off paint in common contact areas, as in 1/1).

Toys2 has the MILES carded set -, tho various members here have had different experiences dealing with them.
Urban-Samurai has just the harness and helmet band -
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