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Hi folks, my first post... Lot of cool stuff around here! :)

I have a Phicen steel model with attached feet (PLLB2014-S09). The instruction sheet shows the feet can be rotated to point the toe left or right (in addition to tilting the toe up or down at the ankle). I cannot get the foot to rotate left / right at all.

I tried to upload pics of the instructions but it seems the upload feature is not working (says "upload failed"). On my sheet it's the first instruction shown in group 8 "Feet", on pg 2.

Also, the front page has a diagram of the steel skeleton and it shows a ball joint in the ankle, and an axial joint in the calf / lower leg. I looked at the steel skeleton photos here:
The ankle joint is not a ball joint, it's just a hinge providing the up/down tilt. I do not see an axial joint in the calf / lower leg that would permit the foot to rotate left / right. In mine the ankle definitely does not feel like a ball joint, and I cannot get any rotation within the calf / lower leg.

Has anyone figured this out? Are the instructions incorrect?

Thanks! :)
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