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Item name: Nautilus Knight
Item brand: Steamarts
Item type: Chinese Zodiac
Condition: Brand New with tag
Tall:16CM 6"
Accessories: figure with steampunk stander
Material: resin、metal
Weight with package:1KG

Item story: In the corner of Carle street, a man appeared on time every morning, he picked up the microphone and began to sing as usual, "he is a brave man, from afar, riding the ancient fantasy, Nautilus knight! Nautilus knight!" Perhaps he will never become a singer, but in the singing he is a real knight, nothing more, he has satisfied.

Blue World Liquid Fluid Water
Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Snake Reptile
Art Font Visual arts Graphics Fictional character
True frog Headgear Toad Art Frog
Human body Toy Personal protective equipment Cg artwork Art
Motor vehicle Combat vehicle Font Circuit component Electronic component
Sky Daytime World Leisure City
Wood Sculpture Font Art Darkness
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