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Start the young(my happist day since her birth)

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Heres a link to my gallery I just uploaded some pics of my 5 month old baby girl..I was bashing it up and left a figure a little to close to her. This week she has learned to scoot and she got a hold of Alverez and started playing with him. I grabed my camera as fast as I could and snaped a few shots of her playing with her first 1/6th action figure.I almosted cried I was so happy

Thanks for looking
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I guess you have to be neckdeep in this hobby to appreciate how cool an image that is. Perhaps in 12 years time or so she'll be bashing figures with you :)
Awwh she's a real sweetheart. Careful with those tiny pouches and parts, though you already know that. :) Have fun~
That's cute man.You better watch your stuff, before you know it she'll be taking it all away to play with .
That's great. She's a sweet little girl. I got a 11 month at home, and he too already has his 1st figure. He's got an old Cots WW2 Marine sniper to play with when he comes up to dad's "play room"...

Can't wait till I can really share the hobby with him.

Now those are some great shots :)
Ah the taste test. What does ACU taste like? Now my younglings just plot against my 1/6 and help the Mrs do things like this. All in good fun though.
Ah the taste test. What does ACU taste like?
Silly, it tastes just like chicken:lol:lol

Cool pics 1/6:thumb

It is a real joy when the young ones join Dad. My youngest often sits down with me and browses e-bay and the various e-tailers for things and is there a good majority of the time when I am bashing away. Every now and then, his figures find a place of honor next to mine on the shelf. Makes his day and an awesome way for us to bond.

Just earlier we were looking for some WW1 figures for him, as he found a book in the school library and wanted to add some such figs to his collection. I love it.
shes a sweetheart. I remember my little girl when she started to crawl, I had my figures near the floor. She would crawl over and knock them over, lol. Maybe thats why shes into Barbies now?
Thanks guys for all your kind words

This little girl is my world

Hey mattlocke06 thats what my family says..I have a few guy on the floor and I know they will ne toast if she gets them
an adorable little munchkin! :cheers

I remember my 3 girls when they were that age - and kids truly DO grow fast!

...keep the camera clicking, and do a "Land of the Giant (Babies)" photostory!

Thanks for sharing! :clap
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