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Wanted to share a couple photos of a recently finished passion project: my take on a Storm Commando/Shadow Scout from the Star Wars EU. The base figure for this guy is an SSC Biker Scout, blacked-out, modded slightly, and kitted up with a mix of modern military and Star Wars parts. Joel Haase (@joel.haase.3 on Insta) performed all of the paint and mod work, and I handled all of the gear sourcing and construction. Joel did an exceptional job, and I certainly would not have completed this project without his help.

With this project, I wanted to explore an intersection between modern military and Star Wars -- or, more specifically, what a Call-of-Duty-ified Star Wars figure might look like. One of the key design challenges I faced was selecting gear that fit the special forces aesthetic while still keeping the Star Wars feel -- basically, I didn't want to make a Star Wars-themed airsoft loadout (like the Galac-Tac stuff). Tough line to straddle, but I'm satisfied with the outcome.


Helmet (with skull war paint and modded face plate, which flips up to reveal a headsculpt)
Commander Cody-style Antenna (3D printed by Joel)
Ammo Pouch -- Hot Toys

Death Trooper Chest Rig -- Hot Toys
Harness -- Art Figures
  • Bolt cutters -- Soldier Story
  • Flexcuffs -- Easy and Simple
  • Bump helmet w/goggles -- Soldier Story
  • Strobe light -- DAM Toys
  • GL-06 Grenade Launcher w/ Aimpoint, tac-light, foregrip, and sling -- DAM Toys
GPS -- Hot Toys
Gauntlet -- Hot Toys
Gloved Hands -- SSC

Battle Belt
  • Drop-leg pistol holster -- Soldier Story
  • Drop-leg triple magazine holder -- Art Figures
  • Retention Lanyard -- Easy and Simple
  • Pistol mag holder -- DAM Toys
  • Dump pouch -- Soldier Story
  • SOG Tomahawk --Soldier Story
  • Flashlight -- DAM Toys
  • Dual grenade pouch -- DAM Toys
  • Flashbangs (x2) -- DAM Toys
  • Multitool -- DAM Toys
  • Duct tape roll -- Soldier Story
Climbing Harness w/ carabiner and descender -- DAM Toys

Combat Knife -- DAM Toys

SIG LVAW -- Easy and Simple (Really love this weapon. Think it could pass as a blaster rifle with the integrated suppressor.)
  • LPVO -- Easy and Simple
  • Iron sights -- DAM Toys
  • Offset mount and red dot -- Easy and Simple
  • Tac-light -- Soldier Story
  • Handstop -- Easy and Simple
  • Two-point sling and mounts -- Easy and Simple
G17 -- DAM Toys (Probably better, more sci-fi-looking sidearms out there than this, but I really dig the look of a fully-equipped Glock. Think Disney based the design of the First Order Stormtrooper pistols on the Glocks, so I suppose it's not so implausible.)
  • RMR -- DAM Toys
  • Suppressor -- DAM Toys
  • Tac-light -- DAM Toys
  • Retention Lanyard -- Soldier Story/DAM Toys
Trophy Lightsaber -- SSC
Military camouflage Military person Military uniform Computer keyboard Machine gun

Machine gun Soldier Statue Military uniform Sculpture

Plant Art Wood Mecha Machine

Toy Computer keyboard Armour Mecha Engineering

Computer keyboard Plant Audio equipment Art Cameras & optics

Here's a picture with another Commando that I did (with help from Joel), to demonstrate the visor functionality:
Machine Art Statue Metal Fictional character

Overall, a fun project to do. Thanks for looking!


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