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Rodolfo strikes again !!!
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- Body DML.
Chest and shoulders slimed.
- HS Did.
I increase the hole of the HS with the Dremel and then is glued with epoxy glue. A matt varnish coat (Marabu) airbrushed do it the rest.
- Hands Did.
- Sockers made at home (you cannot see them but they are there).
- Boot Did.
I remove the brightness of the boots with ultra-fine steel wool, then I paint the heel in matt black and finally I drybrush sligthly Burnt Umber oil paint (Winsor and Newton) all over them.
- Shirt Did.
- Knight Cross DML.
I replace the original ring for a more accurated home made, then the band is shortened and I add a thin cord in each extreme, place it around the neck and tie the RKT as tight as you can.
Finally I glued the end of the collar to the shirt.
- Trouser Did.
I remove the automatic buttons.
I replace the original black buttons by DML ones painted in Fiel Gray (Vallejo Ref. 102).
- Jacket Did.
Same operation as the trousers.
Sleeve eagle by Cvi.
Award by Dragon.
- Shoulderboards home made.
Syntetic thread glued with superglue and painted in silver (Vallejo Ref. 997), glued in an evergreen strip of the proper size painted in pink
(Vallejo Ref. 803). BGT buttons painted in silver and Did pips painted in gold.
- Belt Did.
See boots process.
Buckle painted in aluminium.
- Holster BGT.
- Binoculars Did.
Washed with Raw Umber oil paint, let dry a few minutes and then removed.
Neck cord in natural black leather.
- Crusher NLM.
Some of the fabric removed inside, dunk in water and "try" to give the proper shape.
Eagle and skullhead are resin copies painted in aluminium and glued.


And thats all by now mates.

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Photobucket sometimes blocks or deletes pics that are racist or Nazi oriented of pornographic. I have had pics blocked but a e-mail to photobucket explaining the pics are not there for racist or Nazi propaganda but for modeling or collecting militaria and had them restored. All it takes is for someone to complain and poof censored. Especially if there is a swastika or ss ruhnes
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