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Basing on these two plates, this has gone out for me
DML: keko, HS, uniform, SAS Arktis chest rig, boots
TS: loaders, canteens and bag
BBI: M16
Of my crop: hands, cap and leggings
And nothing any more, I hope that you should like.

I am sorry about the photos, but with the lumbalgia that went above is no podium to stretch more.


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Matiascg said:
Thank you very much, is there no war that is not despicable?
All wars are despicable in their nature and we honor those who go
to battle and their families. For they are the one's who keep peace while
we sleep soundly during the night. On the other hand the malvina's war
was an invasion that was not needed . The general whom ordered the war did out of pure desperation to saving his failing other words
purely self focused. There were no evil or terrorist on that nuclear weapons...just pure interest . On the other hand 18 years old with barely any military training were sent to their deaths for a worthless cause!!!

I will apologize for I feel that my feelings have taken over your thread. Like
stated prior..i do enjoy your work and your bash !!! keep going, don't stop and continue to bring us great work!! Again my apologies on the ranting!!!


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