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Spec Ops Winter Middle East 03-05

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I havent been around much in the last few years but here is my version of someone out of the TV show the unit. It is a covert ops guy looking for terrorist leaders and trying to find intel about possible nuke attacks over in the middle east. Circa 03-05 winter time.


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Heh funny, the first time my friend ever saw snow was with the USMC in the middle east. Nice bash, the rifle looks pretty nice, and its good to see a DCU clad figure again, especially with hood.
Looking good! Always a fan of cold weather figures myself...And DCU, so this looks like a real winner for me!
Thats a good looking figure.
Good job...get him out in that snow!!
Cool. Literally!
That's a nice piece a work.
Great figure and i just love seeing the figures outside and in the snow, awesome! :thumb
really nice!!!...So what figure did you use ?

Regards ,

Echo 7
Raptor BBI is the figure. Thanks guys
That DCU is Awesome! Is that from DML Stanley?
jcast said:
That DCU is Awesome! Is that from DML Stanley?
It was one from HT and i think i snagged the last one from
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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